[SG EATS] Misato The Cathay|The Affordable Japanese Cuisine under S$10

Ever wonder where to dine in a decent and affordable Japanese cuisine without burning a big hole on your pocket? I would recommend Misato into your list. Located at the basement of The Cathay, Misato offers a contemporary and casual dining Japanese restaurant. You will be surprised with their quality taste and food presentation in details.

Misato The Cathay

Although there are bar counter seats at Misato, customers can also dine in the public area as well. Thus, customers can order the foods with Misato and a table tag will be provided at the cashier counter. The staff will then serve you the foods.

Cheese Korokke S$4.90.Misato The Cathay 1Misato The Cathay 5

We were impressed with the nicely presented tableware imported from Japan. Croquette cheese has a crispy outer layer and creamy texture in the inside. You can see the cheese effect while it is served hot.

Tebasaki Chicken Wings S$5.90.Misato The Cathay 3

Midjoint wings are cut into half to serve. Thus, this explains the size. I find it slightly salty to consume by itself but it would be perfect to go with a bowl of rice. But do take note it is quite addictive to consume.

Handmade Gyoza S$5.50/ 6pcs | S$8.90/10pcs Misato The Cathay 6 Misato The Cathay 7

I would recommend you to order this when you are dining with Misato. This is one of the signature dish here. The handmade gyoza is served with a thin crispy ‘paper’ on top. Thin skin and generous fillings deserves thumbs up.

Misato Oyakodon S$7.90.Misato The Cathay 2

Definitely a filling meal when you order this. Ingredients such as ikura, tobiko are also included in the chicken and egg rice bowl.

Misato Ebi Donburi S$9.90.Misato The Cathay 8

The tiger prawns are nicely fried and retains the sweetness taste in it.

Teriyaki Salmon Donburi S$10.90.Misato The Cathay 9

Grilled salmon glazed with teriyaki sauce served with homemade prickles. The homemade prickles were thick and crunchy. The seasonings are well done. However, I find the grilled salmon is overcooked though.

Chicken Katsu Curry S$7.90Misato The Cathay 10

Once again, the portion is generous with thick curry sauce served and Japanese pickles and onion as sides. Locals may find the curry sauce salty but I think it is just nice for my tastebuds.

Zara Soba S$6.50Misato The Cathay 4

Soba served with homemade dipping sauce. Healthy choice I would say.


Misato Paw Anmitsu / Matcha Zenzai Mochi S$4.90Misato The Cathay 11

Totally nicely presentation and photogenic dessert that is not to be missed. The matcha ice-cream with shiratamako and mochi are all made in-house. And matcha with azuki beans will never go wrong.

Matcha Zenzai Mochi S$4.90.Misato The Cathay 12 Misato The Cathay 14

Interesting dessert where you can taste the grilled mochi with the green tea liquid and azuki bean. Sticky yet yummy to indulge. I think I can have more than 2 bowls by myself.

Sanshoku Warabi Mochi S$5.50.Misato The Cathay 13

Favourite dessert of the night where superb affordable as it is served with 3 flavours of Warabi Mochi. Warabi Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert with a jelly-like texture. We had soy bean powder, grounded black sesame and matcha powder flavours. The textures are pleasing to the tongue.We tried holding up a piece to take a close up photo but it was almost impossible. It was so soft that it bounced out.

UPDATE: I visited MISATO with my friends as paying customers end of September. The foods quality were consistent but they need to improve on their operation flows. The customers waited for more than 30 minutes for their foods served during dinner time. Some even requested for refund. Hopefully their operation flows able to cope with the peak period to retain the customers.

[This is an invited tasting session.Thanks Misato for hosting and Shirley for the invite.]


2 Handy Road

The Cathay


Singapore 229233

Tel: +65 6887 4438

Operating Hours:

Monday – Sunday | 12:00PM – 9:30PM


Instagram @Misatosingapore

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