TRAVEL: H.I.S & KEIO Hotel Plaza, Japan

I spent last Sunday afternoon with Tokyo Luxey meet up. It’s my first time attending the event and made new blogger friends. The purpose of the event is to introduce us H.I.S Travel and KEIO Hotel Plaza. So, what’s so unique about them? Let’s find out more through my blog. Who is H.I.S & What They Do?
It is a Japan Travel Specialist company that provides travel services all about Japan. The company is 100% Japanese owned company with their HQ in Tokyo. If you click into their website, you can find all kinds of information needed for Japan trip. You can also gather information via the page as well.
If you wish for FREE & EASY packages, H.I.S also provide such services. Themepark tickets can purchase early before your trip through them as well. Some might find hassle looking through individual websites to search and book. But in H.I.S, you are able to get it done by pre-booking.
And if you can’t live without wifi, you can opt for their mobile Wifi rental services with only S$8.00/day.

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Find more about them by clicking the link here.

H.I.S Singapore Branch
100 Tras St
Singapore 079027
(Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)
Tel: +65 6222 1230
Office Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00AM – 7:00PM

What KEIO Hotel Plaza offers?
 There are many hotels in Japan but why KEIO?  That is the first question that comes across my mind. KEIO has two theme Hello Kitty Rooms which is the Princess Room and Kitty Town Room. There are also Hello Kitty cocktail, Hello Kitty in-room breakfast experience and cutie foods offers. Original Hello Kitty doll is available to take home when you book and stay in one of the Hello Kitty rooms. There are other Hello Kitty amenities such as letter writing sets, ribbon, pen and many more. Hello Kitty fans will go crazy over the overload cuteness with the stay in the hotel.

Other than the Hello Kitty theme room that attracts your attention, KEIO also offers wide range of foods selections. Hotel guests are able to enjoy the different style of Japanese cuisines during the stay.
If you browse through the website, you can also look for the list of “Things to do” and the hotel also provides suggestion of nearby tourists spots for hotel guest to explore.

Other activity to be done within the hotel is to rent the wedding kimono to try out during the stay. This is an interesting culture that tourists would like to experience. I wish I have the chance to try it if I am planning a Japan trip.

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There are many more to explore about Japan. How I wish I could fly over immediately to immerse into the culture and foods.

For more information, visit their website:

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