This Christmas, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport has the festive takeaways and buffets in Azur not to be miss! Crowne Plaza Changi Airport has the exact location for travellers in airport to stop by for a meal or takeaways for holidays and celebrations.CROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur

A whole roasted turkey is a must-have meat on the table for Thanksgiving Dinner. Azur has Yuletide takeaways from the Lobby Lounge. You can place your ease on cooking for the occasion and enjoy the meal with happy thoughts.  Here are the delicacies that I tried the other night for the festive celebration:


Pumpkin and chestnut salad with California raisin and pestoCROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur-3

It is an interesting combination of pumpkin and chestnut as the ingredients for salads. First time having chestnut in a salad bowl with pumpkin cubes to kick start the feast.

Fruits Salad with marinated artichoke and granny AppleCROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -4

With all kinds of fruits added in the salad bowl gives a refreshing taste before the feast.

Pan seared scallop with spinach, abalone mushroom and lemongrass brothCROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -5 CROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -7

My favourite pan seared scallop nicely plated on each plate. The scallop was juicy sweet along with the lemongrass broth that lingers on my taste buds.CROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -13CROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -18

And also, desserts are not to be missing in buffets. There are egg nog pudding, raspberry yoghurt cream and ginger cream brulee. I would recommend to try the ginger cream brulee which I think the pastry chef did a good job in creating this recipe. The ginger taste wasn’t too overwhelming and surprisingly the combination was pretty awesome.



Roasted Turkey with Turmeric Coriander Spices and Spicy Coconut Cream Sauce S$135.00++ / 5kgCROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -2CROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -8

Chef Boey Min Hwa is in action and served us with this slow-cooked turkey.


The slow-cooked turkey marinated with an oriental rub consisting of tumeric and a mix of fragrant spices was succulently tender and juicy. The turkey was cooked in low temperature at 70 degree celcius for 6 hours.The meat was soft that I don’t mind having it without sauces and still taste good with the marinated spices in it. If you want to have enhanced flavour, pair it with the spicy coconut cream sauce that has similar local curry taste. It’s more like an Asian-style of cooking flavours.


Sous Vide for 24 hours before being roasted in the oven. The beef short rib falls straight off the bone and it is absolutely tender and soft. As the chef cuts on the spot, I can feel the softness of the meat.


Ispahan-inspired Log Cake with Raspberries Yoghurt Mousse S$65.00+CROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -14CROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -17

If you are a fruity person, this log cake would be an interesting. It has the raspberry yoghurt mouse with frozen lychee bits and rose flavoured jelly in the cake centre.

Manjaru Chocolate & Hazelnut Praline Yule Log Cake S$65.00+CROWNE PLAZA® CHANGI AIRPORT -Azur -15

Chocolate log cake with crunchy scrumptious hazelnut centre and artfully sculpted by the Pastry Chef in log shape. The log cake decoration is complete with the enchanted forest edible arts. I enjoyed the rich flavours of the chocolate with nice balance of bitter and sweetness taste in it.

Festive hampers are available in Azur too. Basic hampers are S$65.00 + or you can add-on items from the hotels checklist.

NO. Basic Hampers include:
1 Bag of Assorted Christmas Cookies (100g)
2 Christmas Pudding (120g)
3 Christmas Stollen (150g)
4 2 xGingerbread Bears (65g)
NO. Choice of add-on items include:
1 Festive Gift Vouchers (Denominations of $20 and $50)
2 Bottle of House Red or White Wine ($65+, 750ml)
3 Bottle of Red or White Wine ($35+, 375ml)
4 Bottle of Champagne ($108+, 750ml)
5 Box of Pralines ($15+, 5 pieces)
6 Gingerbread Bear ($5+, 65g)
7 Cone Tree Figurine Chocolate ($42+, 225g)
8 Santa Figurine Chocolate ($15+, 75g)
9 Mini Fruit Cake ($15+, 150g)
10 Large Fruit Cake ($50+, 600g)
11 Snowman Figurine Chocolate ($12+, 60g)

To place an order for the Yuletide Takeaways and Festive Hampers, visit Festive Desk (24 November – 24 December 2015 : 9:00AM – 9:00PM)


call +65 6823 5367 and Fax No. +65 6823 5301 (Monday – Friday : 9:00AM – 5:00PM)


Email: christmas.cpca@ihg.com

[ *3 working days are required to prepare each order. Last collection date for all Yuletide Takeaways and Festive Hampers are on 26th December 2015.*]

As for Buffet, spot jolly ol’ Santa on 24th and 25th December 2015 and receive a little blessing of joy. Santa will be roving around during meal times at Azur Restaurant.

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner (24 December 2015)

Adult $ 70 ++  Child $ 35 ++

Christmas Day Brunch (25 December 2015)

Adult $ 65 ++  Child $ 32.50 ++

Christmas Day Dinner (25 December 2015)

Adult $ 75 ++  Child $ 37.50 ++

Boxing Day Brunch (26 December 2015)

Adult $ 65 ++  Child $ 32.50 ++

Festive Buffet Lunch (1 – 23, 27 – 30 December 2015)

Adult $ 45 ++  Child $ 22.50 ++

Festive Buffet Dinner (1 – 23, 26 – 30 December 2015)

Adult $ 55 ++  Child $ 27.50 ++

New Year’s Eve Lunch (31 December 2015)

Adult $ 45 ++  Child $ 22.50 ++

New Year’s Eve Dinner (31 December 2015)

Adult $ 75 ++  Child $ 37.50 ++

To make a reservation, please call 6823 5354. Reservations are highly encouraged. Visit the Crowne Plaza Dining website for more information http://www.crowneplazadining.com

[This is an invited tasting by Crowne Plaza Dining.]

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