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I posted a post about the launching of LPG Endermospa event few weeks back. Finally get the chance to try out the LPG Endermospa machine last week courtesy of Mary Chia. Before I share my experience on the treatment, allow me to refresh your mind on what is LPG Endermospa first.

Different types of body treatments available using LPG Endermologie Technology
Different types of body treatments available using LPG Endermologie Technology

LPG Endermospa is an advanced face and body slimming treatment from France and has always been Hollywood celebrities’ not-so-secret weapon to look fabulous before stepping onto the red carpet. The brand itself is available in France, ltaly, Switzerland, Morocco, UK, Netherlands and finally we have it in Singapore.

LPG technology is effective for slimming, body contouring and anti-aging as validated by scientific studies. The technology and products used are all natural, non-aggressive, non-invasive and customizable based on individual needs. Either for losing fats, removing cellulite, scars, firming or anti-aging.
LPG Endermospa
Before the treatment begins, I was given form to fill up my particulars and some questions to ask. I was also being served with hot tea. After the filling process done, the beautician, Li Bing showed me a video about LPG using the ipad before starting to do any explanations.

As I watched through the video, it shows the mechanical stimulation that activates cells at a deeper level. It also helps to stimulate the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastic. Li Bing also examined my problem areas and explained the process of LPG Lipomassage body treatment so that I will be aware what will be going on during the treatment. I was recommended to focus on my tummy and my thigh areas.
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Once I have placed my things at the locker area, I was given the disposable underwear to put only and presented with LPG Endermowear to wear on. The elastic long johns are specially made for this LPG treatment in order to protect the skin during the treatment. The outfit has many tiny holes in it to enable the removable of dead skill cells from the body.

Firstly, I was told to stand still so that the beautician, Li Bing applies the glowing revitalising cream on the problem areas before I put on the LPG Endermowear. Once I am done, we started with the Gynoid Lipomassage treatment. The reason Li Bing suggested this treatment is to shape my uneven parts in gynoid which is female human shape. She performed different manoeuvre on the stubborn fats. Initially I felt the pain is minimal but as she does different movement and concentrate on my particular areas, I can feel the intense pain from it. I was told that this happens for first treatment as the fats inside us were there for long time and the machine helps to get the molecules fats to become small and elastic.
LPG Endermologie® Lipomassage 2

Also, LPG Lipomassage mechanical stimulation can be done with LPG’s patented motorised rollers manufactured in France.Thus, it can be customized according to the problem area. As the rollers going up and down, in and out repetitive actions, it is to active the stored fats in the deeper layers of the body and getting the outer shape to be firm. The whole treatment process was 40 minutes.
LPG Endermologie® Lipomassage 1

It’s my trial treatment and based on Li Bing, the results can be seen after more than 10 sessions. It takes time to build up the firmness and also to improve the body shape. Other than using LPG machine, we also need to exercise and keep our meals in balance diet as a whole package to see effective result. Even though it is my first treatment, I can feel the ache on my stubborn areas and the slight firmness of the skin layer.

Lotions that are available to apply based on the treatment
Lotions that are available to apply based on the treatment

I was also educated by Li Bing that with the use of technology slimming treatments, it can surely help to slim down and target the certain parts of the body. However, this is not enough. We need to adapt a healthy lifestyle and balance diet to contribute to an effective result.

LPG Endermologie Face Treatment is S$525.00 for 1 session (inclusive of 30 minutes face LPG + 20 minutes of mask application.)

LPG Lipomassage Body Treatment is S$600.00 for 1 session ( 40 minutes duration)

[This is a complimentary 1 time treatment session. No monetary compensation was received for this review. All opinions are honest and based on my own experience.]

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