So Eric and I met up for Sunday lunch (exactly a week ago) and we are still deciding where to go. We decided to visit REDPAN, the newly opened restaurant located at Marina Square Shopping Mall. DP Architects and The Food Explorer Group decided to have F&B joint venture which is now known as REDPAN. We were there around 12 plus and there were two tables of customers. We were asked if any reservations have been made but we told them “No”. We were then seated near the entrance of the restaurant.
Redpan Marina Square-DP Architects and GRUB Joint Venture
This fusion bistro has a mixture of local and western elements in their food dishes. My instagram feeds are flooded with food photos from REDPAN and it was positive feedbacks so here I am visiting the place.
Char Siew Chilli Fries with Sour Cream S$7.00
Redpan Marina Square-DP Architects and GRUB Joint Venture-Char Siew Chilli Fries with Sour Cream
In fact, I saw people posting this and decided to give a try. Having said that, Eric finds it is interesting to have char siew in it and decided to give a try too. I thought I was having minced meat with fries instead of char siew here. Nevertheless, the taste wise was generally decent.
Prawn Hae Bi Hiam Pasta S$15.00
Redpan Marina Square-DP Architects and GRUB Joint Venture-Prawn Hae Bi Hiam Pasta
Tagliatelle with homemade spicy shrimp paste, sakura ebi and sautéed prawns. It has a strong Hae Bi Hiam fragrance when it was served. It even attracts a fly too. It is an interesting combination and the tagliatelle was in al dente texture. If you are a Hae Bi Hiam fan, this would be an interesting western-style dish to explore.
Steak & Chincalok S$21.00
Redpan Marina Square-DP Architects and GRUB Joint Venture-Steak & Chincalok
Redpan Marina Square-DP Architects and GRUB Joint Venture-Steak & Chincalok-1
This plate of 250g steak is served with housemade spicy chinchalok, picked onions and smashed potatoes. The staff is attentive enough to ask us how we would like our steak to be done. We requested for medium rare. We find the meat is slightly tougher and hard to chew. As for the sauce wise, it was nicely done with well-mixture of sweet, light spicy and citrus taste in it.
If you ask me about the services, I would give a ‘like’ for the staffs’ attentiveness and friendly approachable way of serving customers. The staffs are well-trained with service-oriented way and we felt comfortable dining here.
Total bill was S$50.60 inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% gst. We did not order any drinks but complimentary water was served.

Address: 6, Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Singapore 039594

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