I visited Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar 2 weeks ago with fellow foodies on one of the weekday’s dinner. Nobiro is located at Faber Drive which is just few footsteps away from Buck Tile St. Café. The location is hidden inside the neighbourhood area and it would be advisable to travel with own transport. The restaurant gave me homely feel the moment I stepped in. True enough the restaurant shared that most of their regulars are family-oriented diners and also Japanese expatriates as well.
nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Bar

So, here are the foods that we tried that night:

Sashimi Salad Iwanori Tsumi S$16.00
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Sashimi Salad Iwanori Tsumi
The salad served with seaweed (Nori), wide spread of fresh sashimi, greens and dressing. Refreshing choice to kick start the mains. You can opt to enjoy it with nori wrapping with all the ingredients or just have it as your usual way.

Sakana Marine S$18.00
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Sakana Marine
This is a seasonal sashimi served with special marinade. We had sea bream sashimi that night and it was fresh and flavourful.

Nama Kaki Yonshiki- S$20.00 | Fried Nama Kaki S$15.00 | Mushi Nama Kaki S$20.00
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Oysters -Nama
There are 4 ways to prepare and present the oysters here at Nobiro. It comes with Nama Kaki Yonshiki – fresh oyster served with topping of onion, salsa, hint of pesto and ponzu with pink salt. Fried Nama Kaki is the fried version and Mushi Nama Kaki is the steamed fresh oyster which was my favourite that night.

Cheese Menchi Katsu – S$16.00 for 2pcs
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Cheese Menchi Katsu

Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Cheese Menchi Katsu-1
This gets everyone excited especially the creamy mozzarella cheese stuffed in the crispy homemade beef patty.

Surume Ika Maruyaki S$15.00
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Surume Ika Maruyaki
Flavourful grilled squid.

Tonpei Yaki S$13.00
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Tonpei Yaki
Omelette with bacon, prawn and cabbage which was the crowd pleaser that night. The omelette was nicely done and it was served beautifully on top of the cabbage.

Omakase Sushi S$30.00 for 6 types
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Omakase Sushi
We had Amberjack, Sea Bream, Flounder, Sweet Shrimp, Squid and Fat Greening sushi that night. The sushi choices varies depending on that day. Each sushi was delicately prepared and serve in good condition.

Mentaiko Pasta S$20.00
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Mentaiko Pasta
As much as I love mentaiko pasta, I felt that it is lack of the rich flavour in it.

Yakitori Sticks – S$23.00 for 7sticks , S$39.00 for 12sticks and S$45.00 for 15sticks
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Yakitori Sticks

Wagyu Tataki S$45.00
Nobiro Japanese Restaurant-Wagyu Tataki
They use Japanese wagyu beef A5 Ohmi from Shiga Prefecture. The beef was umami and tender in texture.

I was quite impressive with the quality foods served in this Japanese restaurant within residential area. Nobiro offers quite an interesting range of dishes and more than 50 types of sake to diners. And of course, there are hit and misses but I think the hits are more though. Most importantly, the restaurant gives a homely feel dining experience where the staffs will interact with the diners and share stories together.

Nobiro Japanese Restaurant
108 Faber Drive
Singapore 129418
Tel:+65 68730095
Opening Hours:
Tuesday 6:00PM – 10:30PM
Wednesday – Sunday 12:00PM – 2:30PM | 6:00PM – 10:30PM
(Closed on Monday)
Website: http://www.nobiro.sg/

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