Nung Len located at Mackenzie Road is my latest visit to Thai Café recently. Thanks Tony for inviting me over. Since it is approximately 15-20 minutes walk away from my workplace (Bugis), I decided to walk over after work. The name ‘Nung Len’ in Thai is referring to ‘sit and chill’ and is currently operating by a young owner chef, Ms Jen Fu. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and found her interest on Thai Cuisine. Thus, she visited Thailand and learned about the dishes before opening Nung Len September last year.
Nung Len SG- Thai Cuisine Singapore

Nung Len SG
Why is it not your typical Thai cuisine? This is because the café serves modern Thai cuisines with fusion elements in it. The whole settings are casual and it is not air-conditioned. Thus, you may find it hot during the day but it is quite chill with the power up ceiling fans. Or else, order a cooling beers or drinks to get your chilling moments right.

We began with chilled beers. They sells Thai & German beers here.
Nung Len SG- Thai Beer

Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings – S$8.00
Nung Len SG-hai Style Fried Chicken Wings
Best to go with beer or serves as an appetizer. The chicken wings were served using middle joint which is very convenient to consume and best part it’s that it was crispy in the outside and tender in the inside.

Gai Nung Len S$10.00 / S$14.00
Nung Len SG-Gai Nung Len
The chicken breast are sliced into strips and deep fried to golden brown served with in house sauce which tasted like mayonnaise. The fried greens were crispy and quite addictive. It goes pretty well with the chicken strips.

Gaeng Kiew Waan Gai Yang ( Green Curry Grilled Chicken)
Nung Len SG-Gaeng Kiew Waan Gai Yang
This is my first time trying green curry with grilled chicken and it was something new for me. The chicken was nicely grilled while retaining the tenderness and juiciness. The green curry was in mild taste but yet still rich in flavours.

Kway Tiew Tom Yum Boran- S$14.00
Nung Len SG-Kway Tiew Tom Yum Boran

Nung Len SG-Kway Tiew Tom Yum Boran-1
A bowl of goodness with fried crisps, seafoods ingredients, pork patty, hard boiled egg and rice noodles. The tom yum broth was surprisingly not too spicy for me and it tasted savoury and sweet with all-in ingredients. It also comes with the peanut crumbs.

Laab Tod S$10.00
Nung Len SG-Laab Tod
Chef Jen’s speciality made from scratch spicy pork ball herbs and powdered rice. There is a strong taste of spices flavours within this ball of minced pork and it’s not overwhelming. I love it especially the moment it was served hot.

Seafood Tom Yum Goong
Nung Len SG-Seafood Tom Yum Goong
The seafood tom yum goong served in claypot. Tom yum broth with seafood sweetness in it.

Thai Milk Tea Cake S$6.00
Nung Len SG-Chai Yen Cake
Chai Yen Cake Nung Len
This pretty summarize my taste on the Chai Yen cake here.
Featured in News Strait Times on 1st May 2016

Iced Thai Milk Tea / Chai Yen S$3.90
Nung Len SG-Thai Milk Tea
And Thai Milk Tea to pair with the Thai foods.

The display Tuk Tuk at the entrance of the cafe
The display Tuk Tuk at the entrance of the cafe

I would say it is a casual Thai dining place where diners can gather in a group and chill over a meal. It would be best if it is air-conditioned especially the crazy heat lately. Nevertheless, when the night falls, the place is quite cooling too. There are hit and misses on their food but sure enough there are creativities dishes by Chef Jen for you to explore.

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Nung Len SG
Address: 33 Mackenzie Road
Tel: +65 6238 0184
Opening Hours: 10:30AM – 10:30PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nunglensg/

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