As social media is evolving, you can see many foodies are feeding the platform with delicious and savoury photos.Everyone includes myself have a story to share on the foods we eat and explore. But where do we usually find information on places to eat? Most of the time, we will look into instagram for instant updates but blog or website for more information about the place.
Eatbook.SG is one upcoming Singaporean food site that covers food news and reviews in a different perspective. As much as photo speaks a thousand words, we still seek for information in details on the foods and things we see. Thus, this explains why articles are still the best way to deliver. So, this website covers articles of food reviews and food listings by area to explore.
The website is well-categorized where users can easily navigate and search for information need.One interesting article that caught my attention which is the “10 Wet Markets In Singapore Your Mom Will Be Proud You Shop At”. How many youngsters nowadays have been to wet markets? Have you been? This article reminds me of the old times when I follow my parents to wet markets to buy cooking ingredients. Not that I don’t do now but it is once in a blue moon if I am able to wake up early before my mum.
Other than the eye-catchy article title, the website is also similar to e-magazine where there is a section for Chef Interviews section. This category enables to provide in-depth story of the chef behind the wonderful cuisine. It is quite a personal touch between the chef and the readers too.

As much as the website provides well-categorized articles to readers, it will be great if they can provide first hand information on the latest food trends or new F&B in Singapore. If only there are able to churn out monthly new food trends or even new F&B outlets articles, it would be even better. Readers are able to check them out instantly from the platform.

Oh well, Eatbook.SG is another option for you to consider if you are looking for food reviews or recommendations based on Singapore areas. The writers have allocated area guides for readers to check them out.

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[This post is brought to you in collaboration with Eatbook.SG]

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