My first dining experience with Fu Lin Men Dou Lao was with media tasting. I am back here again with E for dinner. It was his first visit here and all I can say is it was definitely a pleasant dining experience. Fu Lin Men Dou Lao, the brand itself was quite established in Macau and E was sharing me that his friend enjoyed it at Macau.
There were buffet and set menus promotions going on. Since it was E first time here, I let him decide to order. In the end, he decided to go for ala-carte with more premium ingredients than the promotions. And the service staffs were kind enough to share with us that if we spend more than S$60.00 on the ala-carte, we just need to top up S$1.00 to get a plate of beef or lamb shabu shabu. It was indeed a good deal but we were too full to go ahead.

I am not a fan of sauces and salad bar for steamboats or hotpots. I prefer the original taste of the ingredients. So, E went ahead to try with an additional charge of S$3.00 for it.

Just like my previous post, Fu Lin Men serves individual hotpot. So, we ordered Vitality Wild & Cultured Mushroom Soup Base S$6.00 and Signature Golden Imperial Soup Base S$10.00. Thick and flavourful broth for both and my personal favourite was the Signature Golden Imperial Soup Base.

So, what did we ordered for our ala-carte?
Beer Beef Platter S$16.00
I miss this and introduced this to E and he loves it. The thin slice marbled beef to immerse into the beer for 3 minutes before putting into our hotpot. The service staff also told us not to leave it for too long in the beer because the meat will gets bitter in taste.

Assorted Handmade Fortune Balls S$7.00
Different flavours of ball shapes served in a beautiful plating. The individual balls include spinach, prawn, fish, beef and squid.

Fish Roe Shrimp Ball S$8.00
Spinach Cuttlefish Ball S$8.00

Pork Shabu Shabu S$8.00
I had the whole plate all by myself. Don’t judge me though!

Chicken Fillet S$5.00
With just S$5.00, the portion was generous and the chicken meat was marinated with pepper to enhance the flavour.

Pineapple Glutinous Rice S$9.00
 Sweetened glutinous pineapple rice was just perfect to end the meal. The colourful rice sprinkled on top of the starchy rice was indeed an eye pleasure.

 As for the service wise, it was thumbs up especially the aunty who served us. She was friendly and always put on a smile. She also chat with us introducing us the ala-carte dishes. I personally feel the warmth hospitality from here. If you ask me which one I prefer? Hai Di Lao or Fu Lin Men Dou Lao? I would prefer here because no need to queue / wait. Secondly, the service here is good and friendly. I am not saying HDL service is not but the cosy and warmth feeling here will makes you feel it’s worth the value.

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞
16 North Canal Road
Singapore 048828
Tel: +65 6532 2777
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 1:00AM (Daily)
Website: http://fulinmendoulao.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fulinmendoulao

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