Mediacorp’s MeClub has recently launched this new FEAST app. This new app offers the same 1-for-1 dining deals at restaurants across the islands. This app sounds similar to you? Yeah you are right! Another option for you all to grab good deals and save when you eat out with friends and family.

So, what can you expect from FEAST?
1. Cheaper Rate to Purchase App
As compared with competitor’s app, FEAST on the app only require S$48.00 per year to enjoy the dining benefits.

2. 8 Days Review
If you browse through the listed restaurants, there is a section by 8 Days’ review. Users can have it as reference before deciding the dining place. It is like a summary on what you can expect from the restaurant. Definitely an added advantage instead of trying to google the place separately.

3. Search Filters
FEAST app also provide filters like “What do you like to eat today? , Cuisine, Ambience, spending and location”. This is much easier to narrow down based on diners’ requirement. Users also can get to estimate the budget spending too. Definitely a plus point !

4. MeClub Star Points
You can use MeClub Star Points to redeem your membership if you are MeClub member. All you need is 3,000 Star Points or 1,500 Star Points + S$24.00 to get FEAST.So, no need to use cash to purchase only.

5. Perks & Privileges from MeClub
As a feast member, MeClub members also get to enjoy perks and privileges including Lifestyle, Entertainment, eCommerce and many more.
Where can I purchase FEAST?

1. Download the MeClub App from your AppStore
2. Select FEAST and Click “BUY FEAST Now”
3. Make Payment
4. You can start using the app for a period of 12 months from enrolment date

For more information about FEAST, email MeClub at tellme@meclub.com.sg

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