Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant in Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel has recently refurbished and welcomes with a brand new menu curated by newly appointed Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong. Brian has more than 15 years of culinary expertise throughout his culinary years at notable restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia and Italy. Dim Sum still under the care of Dim Sum Chef Lok Kah Poh and we are introduced with his exquisite Dim Sum creations as well.

So, here are we checked out the other night:
Crispy Mango Prawn in Rice Roll 香芒鲜虾脆肠粉
Crispy and sweet mango combination wrapped in rice roll reminds me of Hong Kong.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Black Truffle and Cordyceps Flower 黑菌虫草花鲜虾饺
Fresh shrimp with strong truffle scent flavour in it.

Deep-fried Taro Dumpling 精制鲍鱼炸芋头
One of my favourite dim sum dish. There are layers of texture and taste with abalone on top followed by scallop and taro dumpling. It was amazing good.

Stewed Bird’s Nest with Egg White, Crab Meat and Superior Soup 芙蓉蟹肉干烧燕窝另附高汤
This is highly recommended as most of us went ‘wow’ after the first taste. The service staff also suggests us to have one mouth of bird nest followed by one sip of the soup to taste. It is best not to pour the soup into the dish of brid’s nest, egg white and crab meat. It will absorb the ingredients and we cannot really taste the flavours of the bird nest. It was indeed mind blowing and chef did a brilliant job on combining the flavours. I wish to have more!

Prawn with Black Truffle Mayonnaise, Broccoli 黑松露蛋黄酱伴炸虾球
Beautifully plated dish with huge and succulent prawns with black truffle mayonnaise. There is a sea flavour taste from the prawn and not forgetting the fragrance taste of the black truffle mayonnaise.

Wok-fried Iberico Pork with Home-style Spice Sauce 故乡将爆炒黑豚肉

Braised Japanese Ramen with Lobster Meat in Superior Soup 浓汤龙虾球日本拉面
The lobster meat was sweet succulent and I enjoyed the flavourful superior soup. As for the imported Japanese ramen, I find it too bland for my liking.

Crispy Durian 酥炸黄金果
I love durian and when I saw this in the menu. I was so happy! Durian puree deep-fried into crispy golden brown batter.

Chilled Coconut Pudding with Purple Glutinous Rice Sauce 紫糯米椰子冻
If durian is too heavy for your taste, try their refreshing and creative modernize dessert. A scoop of ice-cream on top of the chilled coconut pudding with purple glutinous rice sauce is indeed stands out from the traditional way.

Wan Hao Chinese restaurant is one of the Cantonese restaurant that families will choose for family occasions and celebrations. Not only the ambience is friendly and comfortable but there is a consistency on food quality. The new menu will enhance your dining experience with them especially after their refurbishment on 1st October. And another cost- saving tips for you, Wan Hao is also listed in Entertainer Singapore app as well. You can enjoy BUY 1- FREE 1 for every main course ordered. #dontsayibojio

Note: All are tasting portion served during the media session.

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Wan Hao @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
Address: 320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 12:00PM – 3:00PM | 06:30PM – 10:30PM
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidas 11:30AM – 03:00PM | 06:30PM – 10:30PM
Tel: +65 6831 4605
Website: http://www.singaporemarriott.com/restaurant/wan-hao-chinese-restaurant/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/WanHaoSG/?fref=ts

[This is an invited tasting. Thanks Singapore Marriott Tang’s for the invite.]

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