While travelling in foreign countries, we subconsciously tend to shop a lot because everywhere is temptation. Or perhaps need to squeeze in last minute shopping before the flight. However, no once wants to carry heavy shopping hauls or even luggage around while moving around the city.

This happens to me during my trip in Tokyo last month. I wanted to check out one of the dining place which is quite a distance away. I don’t want to get exhausted carrying the stuffs while searching for direction. Thus, we decided to store our stuffs at the coin lockers.

Most of the coin lockers are easily found in most train stations and also certain landmark centre. It is actually everywhere in Tokyo. Coin lockers are quite affordable, convenient and safe way to store your personal belongings. The prices are charged by the size of the lockers and also the period of storage. The price ranges from 300 – 500 yen per day.

So, the storage locker system has language options. Thus, no worries if you do read Japanese. The instructions are clear and we just followed the steps to get our things secure in the lock.
1. Choose your locker type and push down the locker lever.
 2. Next, choose the locker that you have put in your things in the screen.
 3. Select payment mode.
 4. Lastly, remember to take the baggage removal ticket.

It is just as simple as that and off you go shopping with hands free. I personally find it convenient and user-friendly too. However, the challenging part is to remember where the locker location is. Thus, it is very important to take note where is your locker located as you might bump into more locker system around the area too.

And if you want to collect your luggage, simply scan the QR Code to open up your locker. That’s how easy it can be!
 Here are some tips while storing your luggage at the public locker system:
1. Take note on opening hours of the stations or gates as some of the lockers are part of the station. So, if the station or the gate closes, you will need to wait for next day collection.
2. Get ready some coins if you are using coin lockers. Otherwise, e-money option is available as well.
3. Take note on the location of the lockers as you might get lost in the city.I usually will take note on the landmark or surroundings to avoid confusion.

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