If you have been following my instagram posts, you have noticed that I posted a recent photo of me after a facial treatment with The Knightsbridge Clinic. I visited the clinic right after my trip to Japan and thankfully I did. My skin was dehydrated due to the winter weather in Japan. Dehydration happens because of cold winds, air conditioning units, and forced air heating and low temperatures. So, I visited The Knightsbrige Clinic on the last week of December. I was given a form to fill up my particular details. After completing the form, I was led to the treatment room. Dr. Wong came in and did a quick run through and check on my skin.
 There are a total of 3 topical solutions used for this treatment:

1. AS- The Aqua ST AS
My first step was the Aqua ST Peel treatment which is to clean the skin deeply while softening sebum and impurities to aid in extractions. It assists in dislodging dead cells for exfoliation and provides residual hydration that aids in firming and smoothing fine lines.

2. SA- The Aqua ST SA (Salicylic Acid)
Salicylic Acid is tested for visible progressive lightening of superficial solar hyperpigmentation. This specialized blend cleans skin deeply while AHA ingredients soften sebum and impurities to aid in extractions. It actively assists in dislodging dead cells for ecfoliation.

3. AO- The Aqua ST AO (Anti-Oxidant)
As for this, it is a hybrid, antioxidant sebum that is formulated with stabilized vitamins A, E and white tea extract to combat free radicals.

The back of the machine where there is a container that stores the skin dead cells
Here’s the result after the first step.

The whole treatment process is approximately 20 minutes. Firstly, the beautician uses the microdermabrassion to remove the dead skill cells of the outermost later of the skin. It is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystal to remove the dead skin cells. This gives a refresh healthier-looking skin and of course allows the skin to absorb better.
The next step is to infuse the above mentioned 3 topical solutions into the skin. The third solution really helps to aid hydration to the skin. I felt that my skin is rejuvenated after the process. All these solutions are attached to the machine as shown on the photo. The beautician uses the machine to utilise a suction tip that enables the solution to press into the skin pores and sucked back out the excess solution on the surface of the skin. It looks like a small piping hose which you wont feel any pain at all.

And that’s the whole treatment process and my skin feels lighter and refreshed. I felt my skin brighter after removing the skin dead cells and of course with the help of the solutions.

Here is a photo of me after the session.

I also noticed that my skin can absorb the skincare better. The skin is definitely smoother for the first week. Thus, it is best to have a regular facial treatment to maintain the results.

The Knightsbridge clinic is also an aesthetic medical clinic that offers non-invasive clinic-based aesthetic procedures, treatments such as fillers, hair transplants and face lifts. You can check out their website for more comprehensive services that are available. If you are interested with Nouvelle Medi Facial, it is available at S$200.00 per session. There is also member discount as well.

You can always contact them for further information.

The Knightsbridge Clinic
Address: 227A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058826
Website: http://www.knightsbridgeclinic.sg/

[No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions expressed were my own.]

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