Whenever we are craving for Korean cuisine, the first thing is mind is to check out the restaurants located at Tanjong Pagar Road. There are so many Korean restaurants along the road and the latest addition is Hansul Korean Dining Bar. “Hansul” in Korean refers to bottoms up and this Korean restaurant and bar concept offers a wide range of alcohol and cocktails from different parts of Korea. You can find Makgeolli, Soju, Cheongju, Korean beers and other unique alcohol choices here which you do not usually find them in other Korean restaurants. And the best part is that it is open til 6am. That’s why I said another place to be in your supper list.

Other than the wide selection of drinks, they also offer savoury Korean and a twist of Western dishes. One of their signatures is the table charcoal grill (BBQ Grill). It is known as mini “Hwaro”. There is a list of grilled skewers to choose from. The price is ranged from S$2.00 and up to S$8.00. However, there is a requirement to order 5pieces ). We ordered pork belly wrapped with cheese rice cake S$4.00 , mackerel S$6.00, pork skin S$4.00, long-legged octopus S$8.00, spicy boneless chicken feet S$6.00 and beef intestine S$5.00.

The grilled items are definitely recommended if you are here. It is best to pair with the alcohol drinks as well.
But one disadvantage is that you need to keep an eye on the grilling process before it gets burnt up.

Complimentary banchan and hot soup is served before kick start your meal.

Here are dishes that we had besides their signature dish:
Budae Jjigae- Army Stew S$25.00

The Korean army stew here is served in different way. The ones we usually had is that all ingredients are placed in the simmering pot and served together with the spicy broth. But here, they separate all the ingredients such as the spam, sausage, ham, kimchi dumpling, rice cakes, cheese and noodles from the spicy broth. So, it is like having steamboat where diners like us get to enjoy the stew according to our own preference.

Honey Butter Chicken Bumbuk S$24.00

Deep fried boneless chicken served with potato wedges and snow honey butter flakes over the cheese. Instagram-worth dish as always. Taste wise, I still prefer Chir Chir version.

Signature Boneless Chicken Wing S$6.90 per piece

This is rather interesting because the chicken wings are stuffed with soft glutinous rice. It was my first time trying it out and definitely a recommended dish to check out.

Peach Makgoelli S$19.00

My favourite peach makgoelli drink. It goes pretty well with the dishes we ordered that night. It has the sweet taste which suits the taste buds of most ladies including my dinner partners.

So, what makes Hansul different from other Korean restaurants? They have comprehensive alcohol selection from Korea which you cannot find them easily elsewhere in Singapore. As for the food selection, there are hits and misses I would say. Their grilled BBQ items are my favourite dish apart from the signature boneless chicken wings.

Hansul Korean Dining Bar
Address: 21 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088444
Tel: +65 6906 7088
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hansulbar/
Opening Hours: Daily 5:00PM-6:00AM

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