Life cycle changes whenever you are at different stage of life. The change is the only constant in life. As for me, I think change is essential in order to improve lifestyle. I have learned in my life that there’s always room for self-improvement. As such, I will constantly be open minded to enhance my life experience and making adjustment so that I can go a long way.

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Here are 5 simple ways for good steps that you can tell yourself:
1. Stey Away from Negative People
“Happiness depends upon ourselves- Aristotle.” If you want to be happy, surround yourself with positive vibes people. Positive synergy will bring the best of yourself.

2. Slow Down Your Pace

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The world is constantly changing and as you grow older, you will find yourself in your fast lane chasing the pace. The truth is, it can be exhausting and draining up all your energy. Rejuvenated yourself by slowing down the pace and simply enjoy your own pace. Changes are necessary but getting your own right path matters the most. Take your own pace and move on your comfortable pace.

3. Get Inspirations, Read More

Other than travelling, reading helps to get inspirations for daily life. Other than visual books that tell you stories and things that you need to know, online portals also do wonders too. Inspiration articles featured in Zula.sg also enlighten me as well. The article about how a mum opened four chicken rice outlets at age 60 even after failing twice really inspired me. Failure will never overtake if determination to succeed is strong enough. Stories like this do play apart on how I see and think in different perspectives.

4. Treat Yourself

Once in a while, spend some solo time and spoil yourself with activities that you like or ever think of trying out. Activites such as spa, exercise, calligraphy workshops, baking and many more that can bring up the girl in you. Picking up some skills will definitely beneficial for yourself or even can be just a hobby for your past time. So, why not?

5. Smile
“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight ~ Phyllis Diller.” Give a smile to yourself in front of the mirror when you wake up every morning. This will be a good start of the day. Smile at the strangers or people you crossed path daily, you will feel that you are surrounded with positive vibes. Naturally everything seems good in your daily routine.

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