[SG BEAUTY] Facial Review : 24k Gold Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment by Expressions

I had the opportunity to try out the 24K Gold Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment courtesy of Expressions few days back. There are all kinds of beauty products related to 24K Gold in the market and 9.999/24K Gold Sheet Masque is also trending as well. I am excited to give this facial a try since gold facial is believed to have been used by Egyptian royalty, Cleopatra. I heard many stories and reviews on how 24k pure gold benefits our skin.Before moving on to my facial review, here are some GOLD facts that I would like to share:
1. The Gold Masque used is 100% genuine 24k pure gold from France.
2. Gold is also known to improve ion balance between positive (plus) and negative (minus) ions and improves Lymph flow, making hormones and nerve balances normal.
3. Gold also helps to tighten the skin and works as an anti-aging masque. It is ideal for blotchy and wrinkled skin.
4. Real gold dissolves from surface of skin with the concentrated cocktails. It helps to penetrate the skin and using Cell Regeration Mask / hi-tech Electroporation current to pass, thru skin, the products deeper layer and give skin total effect not for anti-aging but natural treats the problem area.

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How does 24K Gold Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment works?
The facial includes 3 in 1 power regenerating facial followed by the Gold Sheet. The whole process took approximately 80 minutes from face cleansing, exfoliating, face steaming, face massage, serum mask application and final treatment.
What are the benefits?
1. Treating the skin from anti-aging, premature skin
2. V Lifting
3. Super Whitening
4. Dull & tired skin, uneven skin tone, pigmented skin
5. Stimulating lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
6. Facilitates metabolism to the skin in self-producing collagen to fight against free radicals

Joy, the beautician did a good job by explaining and analyzing my skin condition before we start the facial treatment. She mentioned that my skin is dry and oily at the forehead and dull skin. True enough that I can sense that my skin is dry because I can see traces of peeling skin especially at my nose area. Coincidentally I just had my menstrual period. Thus, these accumulated factors to my current skin condition.

After skin analysis is done, Joy brought me to the facial room and that’s where I started my facial treatment. Once she is done with the basic cleansing, exfoliating and face steaming, Joy placed the pure gold sheets onto the face area. She then applies more regerating serum on the mask to start massaging to allow the gold sheet to absorb fully onto the skin. She also did a light massage on the face area which made me feel relaxed and comfortable.
Once it is done, Joy applied the serum mask onto my face and leaves it for 10minutes with Cromolight treatment.

When the time’s up, Joy removed the serums’ mask and lightly massages any balance serum on the face to ensure the gold particles are full absorbed. And she passed me a mirror to show me the difference on the face after the treatment. I can feel the instant difference of before and after facial. My skin becomes brighter and instantly lifted up. I can feel my skin is hydrated and can absorb the serum/ skincare products better.
Here’s a picture after day 3 of the treatment. The best part is that my skin colour is brighter and soothing. The results will be even better if the treatment is consistent and continuously.

Light BB cream applied…
Side Profile

If you are interested to find out more about the facial treatment, make an appointment with them. They will provide suggestion according to your skin condition. There are trial out service for this treatment and experiment service as well.

Website: https://www.expressions.co/ & www.expressions.com.sg

[No monetary compensation was received for this review. All opinions expressed were based on my experience.]

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