[PRODUCT REVIEW] Dr. Mind Skincare & Make Up Review

It has been quite a while since I last shared a post about product review section. So, this time round I am sharing the recent Korea brand that I am using. Dr. Mind is a brand from Korea that offers beauty products including skincare and cosmetics. The brand believes in healthy skin and works to target skin issues faced by consumers and provide solutions from a medical perspective.

So, I decided to share my reviews after using the products.
Dr. Mind APOT Red Mask

The mask is suggested for stressed and irritated skin. It provides soothing skin texture and oil-water balance. It also helps to solve problematic skin troubles. Their ingredients include Anti Sebum-P, Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Leaf Extract, Madecassoside and Trehalose. Each ingredients serve different purposes for skin balancing. The mask is made of a highly adhesive fabric material quality.
The red mask fits well to my face and there is still serum inside the pack. I use the balance of the serum to apply over my neck, arm and leg. This is what I normally do when there is extra serum in the mask pack.

Dr. Mind –AC Peeling Pad
Dr Mind AC Peeling Pad

The dirt residual from my face after using the AC Peeling Pad
The dirt residual from my face after using the AC Peeling Pad

Dr. Mind AC Peeling Pad is an intensive exfoliating care and moisturizing soothing double system pad. This product provides an optimal combination of AHA and BHA to support effective exfoliation in single step. The AC Peeling Pad comes in double embossed side – one for exfoliation and one for moisturizing cares.
The first try was fresh-faced and of course feeling clean. It helps to scrape away dead skin cells, revealing brighter and softer skin. However, exfoliating is not advisable to use everyday. Although it gives instant result, it may cause breakouts if over-exfoliating. I would suggest using it twice a week. For those who have sensitive skin, it is advisable to use once a week though.

Dr. Mind-AC Clear Cushion SPF47 PA++ (#23 Cover Beige)
Dr Mind Korea Product
My first time using this range of product and I would say this ‘air-fiy’ makeup base works well for me. AC Clear Cushion is made from a safe prescription of 18% Tea Tree Leaf Water, Aloe Vera Water and Tea Tree Oil. I am not expert in reviewing beauty product but this is good substitute for foundation powder for me. I seldom put on make up and this is good enough for me.
Aresa-Dr Mind
If you are interested to purchase Dr. Mind products, there are available in SASA Singapore and also ARESA official website.

[Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions expressed were my own.]
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