[TRAVEL TIPS] How to Survive Winter in Seoul,Korea

Winter in Seoul, Korea was freaking cold especially on the month of November and December. I just came back from winter wonderland and glad that I survived from the icy cold. This is my first time experience the Korean winter. I was being warned by friends who travelled in the month of November. So I did some research beforehand.

So for those who are planning to explore the city during winter, here are tips on how to survive winter in Seoul.

1. Layering
It is important to layer your clothes when you are in winter countries. I always get my heattech wear from Uniqlo because they have this extra warm version for top and pants. Alternatively, you can get heattech thermal leggings from other brands when you shop in Seoul. For example, brands like 8 Seconds, Zara or their local stores. So, you can have Heattech on the first layer followed by mid layer with sweater and a good quality coat or windproof jackets for outer layer. Wool and fleece works wonder to keep you warm but they are quite useless in wind though. So, take into consideration to give yourself full protection from the elements. And you can have fun working on the aesthetic looks of the layering so that you look good in photo.

Credit: http://blog.dejapan.com/
Credit: http://blog.dejapan.com/

2. Heat Packs
Heat packs are your best travel friend during winter. It sends out relentless heat and I feel so good to hold it on my hands. There are disposable and reusable heat packs in the market. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing from Daiso even though it is cheap because not all the heat packs are in good condition. My friends had bad experience because half of it is not working at all. It is totally waste of money. I would suggest getting the reusable ones that need to boil or microwave. Alternatively, grab those disposable ones at any Seoul convenient shops.

Credit: https://pixel.nymag.com/
Credit: https://pixel.nymag.com/

3. Moisturize
We also need to learn about some winter skincare tips to ensure our skins are still in good condition even when we are travelling. It is important to keep our skin moisturize to stop it drying out and cracking. I applied moisturizer day and night and do consecutively apply throughout the day. Apply moisturizing lip balm to avoid your lips cracking from time to time. It is horrible when the skin is splitting. Trust me… you wouldn’t want to come home with itchy dry skin and flaky patches.

Credit: https://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-vector-winter-clothes-santa-stocking-cap-knitted-hat-christmas-sock-scarf-mitten-earmuffs-d-vector-506223229.jpg
Credit: https://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-vector-winter-clothes-santa-stocking-cap-knitted-hat-christmas-sock-scarf-mitten-earmuffs-d-vector-506223229.jpg

4. Winter Travel Accessories
Apart from layering your clothes, scarves, ear muffs, beanies, face mask, thick socks and gloves are equally important too. These will make you looks more glamorous in photo-taking as well. Trust me! It really helps to cover and warmth down your neck, ears, hands and feet. For example, the scarves wrap up around the neck and the bottom of the face. This really helps when the wind is blowing right to your face under sub-zero temperatures. Also, I bought Uniqlo Heattech socks to easily warm my chilled toes as I need to do a lot of walking everyday.

Credit: https://www.lifeventure.com/
Credit: https://www.lifeventure.com/

5. Thermos
It is important to stay hydrated all the time. Nothing beat to have a warm/ hot water even when you are travelling in winter. Thermos works wonder as it keeps you warm from the inside out. It also helps you to save cost from buying from the convenient shops or vending machine. And it is also quite hard to find warm water whenever you travel out skirts or attraction places. It is all about money! Money! Money!

Hope these tips help for those who are travelling during winter in Korea!This is what I experienced after my trip from Korea.

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