[KOREA EATS] My First Michelin Experience With La Yeon At Shilla Seoul Hotel

During my trip to Seoul, E suggested to try out 1 Michelin restaurant and I agreed. So, he went to do some research and decided on La Yeon for afternoon lunch. And this time round, he decided to give me a treat! Lucky me! I got to enjoy the meal for free courtesy of E. The restaurant is located on the 23rd floor of Shilla Seoul Hotel.

La Yeon is an upscale Korean restaurant that offers traditional cuisine of ‘hansik’. It has been awarded 3 Michelin stars in the inaugural Michelin Guide Seoul 2017.

E has made a reservation in advance so we went ahead for the lunch appointment on the confirmed date.

There are two options for lunch menu and we decided to go for Ye (The Propriety) Course 98,000 kr won ~S$121.87 per pax. We also topped up 60,000kr won ~S$74.70 for the Royal Hot Pot.
La Yeon Nibbles
The meal started with appetising nibbles comprising the crispy and light crackers and dried jujubes. The dried jujubes were simply addictive and healthy edible fruits that serves as cough cure too.

Next, we have the welcome dish, Chestnut Puree.
La Yeon Chestnut Puree-1
La Yeon Chestnut Puree
I enjoyed the sweetness taste of the chestnut puree with shaved chestnut bits on top of it. It certainly gives a nice autumn and winter vibes in it.

Chilled Sea Scallops with Yuzu Flavoured Soy Jelly and Shredded Cabbage
La Yeon Scallop and Yuzu
I loved the presentation of the dish and it gives a refreshing note before we start our main course.

Crabmeat and Pine Nut Porridge
La Yeon Pinenut Porridge
Finely grounded pine nut porridge gives a thick and creamy texture. It gives the nutty flavours to it.

Royal Hot Pot
La Yeon Royal Hot Pot
This is the extra charge of royal hotpot that we decided to give it a try. I would say skip this royal hot pot if you are planning to visit La Yeon. There is nothing much to rave about it except for the exquisite presentation and ingredients used. But with extra S$70.00++, I would go for other options.

Hot Pot Rice with Vegetables and Abalone
La Yeon Abalone
E decided to have this and the overall taste is light and kind of bland as compared to my choice.

Mixed Rice with Vegetables and Korean Beef Tartare
La Yeon Mixed Rice with beef Tartare
La Yeon Mixed Rice with beef Tartare-1
I had this and I made the right choice. The bowl of goodness tasted flavourful especially when I mixed all the ingredients together.

Seasonal Fruit, Iced Treat, Compote, Jelly
Delighful dessert to cleanse the palate after the main course.
La Yeon Michelin Restaurant Korea

Korean Tea and Refreshment.
We ended our meal with citrusy Korean tea with rice cake.
La Yeon Michelin Restaurant Shilla Seoul Hotel

The overall dining experience was definitely pleasant with good services from the service staffs. The food wise was indeed good with prime ingredients used to make you feel like having Korean royal food. It was a good experience trying out Korean Michelin restaurant but one time is enough for me. The whole experience is like having upper class or we called it royal indulgence just like Dynasty era. I sounded a bit drama but this is how I felt. The flavours and excitement elements are not that strong and bold enough to impress us though. Perhaps I am not a fan of Korean cuisines and that’s explained why I am not raving about it.
But wait a minute; don’t miss the stunning views of the city from the top floor of the restaurant.

La Yeon
Shilla Seoul Hotel
Address: 249 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu
Seoul 100-856
Tel: +82 2 2233 3131
Website: www.shillahotels.com

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