[SG EATS] 7 Food Apps To Save & Earn Money Eating Out in Singapore

We tend to eat out most of the time everyday, don’t we? Not sure about you but I tend to search for new food places to explore. Singapore’s food and beverage industry has been booming all the time. We keep seeing new concept restaurants opening every other day. And as compare with other countries, Singapore offers international cuisines from all over the world.
Having said that eating out or frequent food hunt is actually not financial savvy. My friends will ask me if I have any lobang / discount on any restaurants or food places. So, I was thinking why not I list down the mobile food apps I know that can help to save or earn points/miles at the same time?

1. Chope

Chope is an app that allows you to find restaurant and make reservation directly from the app. It includes the standard information of the restaurant including menu, contact information. The app offers chope shop discount code, vouchers and exclusive promotions from time to time.
Every reservation you make through Chope will entitle you to Chope-Dollars. Once you accumulate certain Chope Dollars, you can use it to redeem cash vouchers or even convert to Krisflyer miles.
You can refer to your friends as well to earn 300 Chope Dollars for 1 referral.Click here to sign up.
Website: https://www.chope.co/singapore-restaurants/

2. Hungrygowhere

Hungrygowhere started off as an online food review platform and a platform for food discovery. They have then expanded to allow reservation now. Their newsletters will feature monthly promotion from time to time. So, check out their official website for updated promotion. You can read the review and photos of individual restaurants as well.
Website: https://www.hungrygowhere.com/

3. Entertainer App & Cheers Singapore
APP: S$145.00 ( The price will fluctuates after several months. It will be pro-rated price)

I was introduced to Entertainer App 2-3 years ago and it was quite a good deal. The app offers “Buy One Get One Free” for restaurants, lifestyle (beauty, health & fitness, spa, leisure activities) and hotels. There is quite a number fine dining restaurants listed in the app. It is quite a deal with the Buy One Get One Free concept. You can read more details here. The only disadvantage is that you need to purchase it yearly. With the high price to pay, it comes with Cheers Singapore app that offers Buy One Get One Free cocktails. You can get a list of Singapore Bars in the list.
Note: The app is applicable yearly. Thus,you need to purchase every year.
Website: https://www.theentertainerme.com/Singapore/

4. Eatigo

Eatigo is relatively new app in the market. It offers discounted restaurant reservation platform offering discounts up to 50% off food bill for every restaurant everyday. The discount varies according to the timing daily. You only get to utilize the 50% during off-peak hours. The usual discounts after 6pm will be range from 10-20% off food bill though. As for the choice of restaurants, it does not have huge database as Chope or Hungrygowhere though.
Website: https://eatigo.com/home/sg/en/singapore/

5. MilesLife App

While the rest of the app allows you to collect points or greater savings, MilesLife offers you miles. You can earn up to 5 miles with every S$1.00 spent when you dine in selective restaurants. Each restaurant has different requirements. You are able to accumulate your miles without even flying with the airlines. The app offers not only dining but lifestyle activities as well. The miles accumulation does not limit to Singapore Krisflyer but also other airlines. There are total 14 different frequent flyer programmes to choose from. This is best for those who wants to accumulate miles. For first time users, you can use my Mileslife Promo Code: HAZELDIARY and you will get to earn 1000 miles for the FIRST purchase with minimum S$49.00.Download here.
Website: https://www.mileslife.com/#/

6. Shopback

Shopback gives you certain percentage rebate when you purchase/ book through their platform. That is how you earn your cash rebate from the total purchase which is subject to processing and approval under terms and conditions. Apart from lifestyles and travel merchants, they also have food merchants including Foodpanda, Eatigo, Quandoo and many more. You can sign up here to earn your cash rebate when you book through the platform.There is a referral link here when you sign up. Both parties are entitled to S$5.00 upon completion of S$25.00 purchase for the first time.
Website: https://www.shopback.sg

7. Fave (previously called Groupon)

Fave (previously Groupon) is quite a thing few years back with the best deals and discounts. They offer not only food deals but also lifestyle (spa, beauty, fitness and hotel stays) as well. The website will list down the deals and you can purchase directly and redeem at the respective place. And their offers are limited to certain timing only. So, do keep a lookout!
Website: https://myfave.com/

Hope these apps are useful for you guys when you are looking for cost saving in terms of food expenditures.Each app has different features and advantages.So it depends on you whether to earn points and redeem or to earn cash rebate to convert to cash or even earn miles for your travel plans.
Disclaimer: I am not paid to write this post. It is purely my thoughts on how to utilise the mobile food apps that can benefit mutual parties. If you can save or earn points/ money at the same time through the app, why not?
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