[PENANG EATS] Hock Seng Rojak At Gat Lebuh Cecil | Macallum Street

[PENANG EATS] Hock Seng Rojak At Gat Lebuh Cecil | Macallum Street

Despite visiting Penang so many times, I have yet tried the King of Rojak. Hock Seng Rojak is claimed to be the Rojak King of Penang and it has been in business for more than 40 years. Hock Seng Rojak stall has attracted locals and tourist to line up in queues to check out their rojak.Hock Seng Rojak Penang
My sister and I took a GRAB from Gurney Paragon to the stall to check it out. The cab fare was RM10 ~S$3.38. We reached there around 3pm and the queue was formed. They opened for business at 2.30pm. And we patiently queued under the hot sun for 30minutes before we get to try this special rojak.
Hock Seng Rojak Penang-Macallum Street-6
Hock Seng Rojak Penang-Macallum Street
What makes their rojak different is their thick Rojak sauce followed by the addition dried shrimps and toasted peanuts. The rojak available in 3 sizes- Small RM7.00 ~S$2.37 , Medium RM10.00~S$3.39 and Large RM14.00~S$4.75. We ordered the small size to eat on the spot and tapao the medium size back for our parents to try.

Here is a short clip of the queuing process and also the rojak:

Hock Seng Rojak Penang-Macallum Street-2
We enjoyed it very much. It is a bowl of fruits, keropol topped with the gooey rojak paste and of course the extra crunch from the peanut and dried shrimps. It was so therapeutic watching the aunty spreading the sticky paste on top of the rojak. You can opt for chilli or non-chilli. But I would suggest you to try it with the chilli because it gives a good balance on the flavours of the sticky sweet paste.
Hock Seng Rojak Penang-Macallum Street-1
Hock Seng Rojak Penang-Macallum Street-3
Hock Seng Rojak Penang-Macallum Street-Hazeldiary
Hock Seng Rojak Penang-Macallum Street-4
Although the price is a bit steep, I think it is pretty interesting especially the concoction of the paste that makes everything taste flavourful.
Hock Seng Rojak Penang-Macallum Street-5
Note: Be sure you bring an umbrella/ be aware as a lot of birds flying around there. Someone was lucky enough to get bird shit while queuing for the rojak.

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Hock Seng Rojak
Address: Gat Lebuh Cecil
10300 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 2:30PM – 7:00PM
(Closed on Monday)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HockSengRojakKingMacallumStreet/
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