[TRAVEL TIPS] ChangiWiFi’s new Pay-Per-GB plan costs as low as $32 per trip  for USA and Europe travellers

[TRAVEL TIPS] ChangiWiFi’s new Pay-Per-GB plan costs as low as $32 per trip for USA and Europe travellers

Changi Recommends has recently launched their newest ChangiWiFi plan, called Pay-Per-GB, which allows travellers to USA and Europe to rent a Wi-Fi router for just $32 per trip to satisfy all their overseas data needs. Suited for the less data hungry consumers, the basic Pay-Per-GB plan costs $32 and entitles consumers to 2GB of Wi-Fi data, with the option of topping up anytime during the trip at $20 per additional GB (Please refer to Appendix A for more details).
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Available for over 50 travel destinations and able to connect up to 5 devices at a time, ChangiWiFi provides seamless Wi-Fi roaming for travellers when they are overseas. The traditional Standard Plan boasts unlimited data* with rates starting from $5 per day (excluding promotional codes, if applicable), which is great for consumers with heavy data consumption or relish the luxury of using data without having to monitor their usage. By only paying for what they use, the new ChangiWiFi Pay-Per-GB plan offers an alternative for consumers whose data consumption is relatively lower and do not require unlimited data when they travel.
*FUP applies for selected countries.
Long Holidays
Aside from consumers who do not require unlimited data when they travel, the Pay-Per-GB plan also caters to those who are intending to travel for a longer duration, where the total sum from per-day rental plans becomes a prohibitive factor. As Singaporean travellers tend to book lengthier vacations when visiting faraway destinations like the USA and Europe, the new Pay-Per-GB plan would offer consumers with a relatively lower data appetite a more affordable alternative to the Standard Plan.
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Changi Recommends aims to provide consumers with a full suite of reliable travel services with the best prices possible. The new Pay-Per-GB plan, available from December 2018, was conceived to give consumers a tailored option that will satisfy their specific needs. Simply visit www.changirecommends.com to make a reservation online. Consumers can collect their routers at any of the seven Changi Recommends booth available at every terminal within Changi Airport before departing, along with any amenity reservations, attraction and tour tickets that require physical pick up at Changi Recommends’s booths.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
1. What is ChangiWiFi’s Pay-Per-GB Plan?
The Pay-Per-GB plan provides travellers looking to visit Europe and USA with an economical alternative by only paying for the data they consume during their trip. Up to 5 devices can be connected to the ChangiWiFi router at the same time.
The Pay-Per-GB plan is created because Singaporeans tend to plan for longer holidays when visiting Europe and USA regions. The Standard plan, which charges by per day rental, will be costly for longer rental durations. Thus, the Pay-Per-GB plan was conceived to fill this gap in the market.
The Pay-Per-GB plan is scheduled to be available in more countries in 2019.

2. What is the difference between the Pay-Per-GB plan and Standard Plan?
The Pay-Per-GB Plan is charged based on data usage, starting from the basic price of $32 for 2GB. Should more data be required, optional top up is available at $20 per 1GB.
Conversely, the Standard Plan’s rental rate is based on the number of calendar days the user has rented a ChangiWiFi router for. Rental starts from the date of collection until the date of return, with prices starting from $5 a day depending on the country the router has been rented for.
For the Pay-Per-GB Plan, the connection speed is also unaffected regardless of usage. The Standard Plan, however, is subjected to certain countries’ local carrier’s Fair Usage Policy, which prevents data congestion and abuse.

3. What is the maximum rental duration ChangiWiFi’s Pay-Per-GB plan?
The maximum rental duration for Pay-Per-GB plan rental 15 days.

4. How can users keep track of their data usage?
Upon collection of the ChangiWiFi router, the user will receive an SMS which will include a link to keep track of data usage. Users will also receive prompts via email and SMS once 30%/70%/90% of the data have been used. The prompts will also include a link for users to top up conveniently.

5. How can data top-ups be done?
Upon collection of the ChangiWiFi router, the user will receive an SMS which will include a link to top up data and keep track of data usage.
The minimum top-up will be $20 for 1GB. The top-up process will take no more than five (5) minutes to be reflected on the ChangiWiFi router. Payment will be made upon return of the device to Changi Recommends’ counter.
Top up or check data usage through this link: https://www.changirecommends.com/owifi_topup_form.aspx

6. Will there be a refund for unused data?
No refunds will be issued for unused data.

7. Can users switch from Pay-Per-GB plan to Standard Plan (and vice-versa) before the trip?
Yes, please inform Changi Recommends’s Customer Service at least 3 working days before the date of collection through these channels:
Call (24hrs hotline): +65 6701 1185
WhatsApp (technical support): +65 8403 4722
Email: call@changirecommends.com.sg

8. Can users switch from Pay-Per-GB Plan to Standard Plan (and vice-versa) mid-trip?
We are unable to switch plans once the device has been collected.

9. Can unused date be brought forward to a future trip?
Unfortunately, we are unable to carry forward any unused data.

10. What is the network speed for Pay-Per-GB plan?
In most destinations, the network will be in 4G. However, the network speed may differ as it is dependent on the local network carrier and network infrastructure of the area the user is in.
Do note that rural areas, outskirts, mountains, underground tunnels and coastal areas tend to have weaker network. Connectivity may be intermittent at these areas and the user may experience slower connection.
For Pay-Per-GB Plan, the connection speed will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) regardless of data consumption. Fair Usage Policy only applies to the Standard Plan.

11. Will the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) affect or implicate my usage?E.g. Malaysia and Indonesia has 500MB FUP guidelines, will the remaining of the 2GB be affected by it?
For Pay-Per-GB Plan, the connection speed is unaffected regardless of usage. Fair Usage Policy only applies to the Standard Plan.

12. What happens to the network if 2GB is used and no top up has been made?
Users will not be able to access to internet as the pre-set data has been fully consumed. Email and SMS prompts will be sent to remind you to top up once you hit 30%/70%/90% of your data usage.
If the user wish to reactivate the plan (though a top up) after the data has been fully consumed, they will need to find an alternative internet source to access the top up page (https://www.changirecommends.com/owifi_topup_form.aspx). Internet connectivity will return within five (5) minutes of successfully topping up.

13. What happens if users forget to return the router or return it late?
The late return fee will only be implemented from the second extended day of the intended return date, at $1 per day, until the date the user returns the device to Changi Recommends. A 1-day grace period is extended for all users.
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About Changi Recommends
Changi Recommends was established in Singapore by Changi Travel Services Pte Ltd in 2012 with the aim to enrich travel experiences for both inbound and outbound travellers.
Be it for business or leisure, travellers will find an extensive range of services that have been carefully curated to their travelling needs. Such services include rentals of ChangiWiFi overseas routers, Singapore Wi-Fi routers, overseas prepaid SIM cards, local and overseas tour and attraction tickets, Japan Rail passes, airport transfers, flight tickets, travel insurance and Meet & Greet services.
With a total of seven Changi Recommends counters in all four Singapore Changi Airport terminals operating 24 hours, seven days a week, travellers can collect their purchases with great convenience.

Connect with them at:
Website: www.changirecommends.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/changirecommends

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