[SG LIFESTYLE] Hot Stone Therapy Review At Ganbanyoku Singapore

[SG LIFESTYLE] Hot Stone Therapy Review At Ganbanyoku Singapore

Ganban’yoku (岩盤浴) is a form of hot stone therapy that originates from Japan. All you need to do is to lie on the hot stone bed while it emits the heat throughout the part of your body that comes into contact with the bed. It is a different form of spa therapy as compared to onsen. I was invited to Ganbanyoku Singapore recently to check out the hot stone therapy.
Here is some information about Ganbanyoku Singapore before I move on to share about my experience.
Ganbanyoku Singapore use volcanic ores derived from the volcanic lava found in Japan. When these rock ores are heated, the stones emit negative ions and Far-infrared rays (FIR) which are able to penetrate up to 1.5inches deep into the body. This helps your body detoxify through perspiration. It is said to provide natural healing to joints and muscles.

Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy include:

Experience Review
Ganbanyoku Singapore-3
So upon arrival, there is a cabinet where customers can keep their shoes before entering to the treatment room. Upon registering, I was given a set of yukata, bath towel, face towel and locker key.
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I carried my stuffs towards the changing room, where shower rooms, lockers and dressing/ makeup corner located. The dressing/makeup corner is equipped with makeup remover and basic amenities for you to use after the therapy session.
I was advised not to shower after the hot stone therapy session. Thus, I decided to do it beforehand. The reason for not showering after the session is that the full therapeutic effects will last for hours after the session. And the therapist shared that there is no need to worry getting all sticky because the sweat produced doesn’t have such feeling.
Ganbanyoku Singapore-Hazeldiary
So, basically I was advised to drink a lot of water before the session and bring along a cup of water to the treatment room. Then, I just lie down on the specially heated volcanic stone bed.
How to Ganbanyoku
Firstly, I lie flat on my stomach for a while to warm up the body. Then, I turned over and lie flat on my back. And because the temperature of the hot stone bed is maintained at 45 degress Celsius, I can’t handle the hot so I end up lying on my towel to help alleviate some of the heat. Then, slowly adjust to my comfortable position and chill for an hour. You can opt for 60minutes or more for each session.
Ganbanyoku Singapore-Treatment Room
The whole process is quite similar like in the sauna room or even suntanning position. If you are doing it with friends, you can chit chat while lying on the hot stone bed. For me, I nearly dozed off during the session. I started to sweat after a while and it is said that it is a sign of expelling toxins through perspiration.
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At the end of the session, I perspired quite a bit and my cheeks are pinkish. It is just like having a workout session. I rested and replenish my body with more fluids just outside the treatment room. And gently pat dry the sweat from the whole body before changing back to my clothes. The whole process was relaxing and refreshing! And of course you need to come back for more sessions to see the results.

Things to take note:
1. Drink lots of water before the session
2. Bring your own change of underwear
3. No handphone or electronic devices are allowed in the treatment room
4. No toilets so please use the public toilet before the session starts
Ganbanyoku Singapore-Pricing
Pricing Details:
S$32.00 for 60 mins
S$42.00 for 90 mins
S$125.00 for 7 days (consecutive, no sharing and limited to 1 session per day)
S$135.00 for 5 sessions within 30 days of purchase
Package Deals
S$320.00/ 10 + 1 FREE session ( S$29.09 per session)
S$640.00/ 20 + 3 FREE session (S$27.83 per session)
Gift vouchers at S$32.00 per session are available for purchase.
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Address: 14 Scotts Road #02-29
Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Tel: 6208 9357
Website: www.ganbanyoku.co
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ganbanyoku.sg/

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