[SG EATS] Gram Café & Pancakes Opens At VivoCity Singapore- Japan’s Fluffiest Pancakes

[SG EATS] Gram Café & Pancakes Opens At VivoCity Singapore- Japan’s Fluffiest Pancakes

Japan famous Gram Café & Pancakes is officially opening in VivoCity, Singapore on 16 June 2019. The famous soufflé pancakes is hailing from Osaka, Japan. You can find them at Level 2 of VivoCity right opposite Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant.
Gram Cafe & Pancakes-Vivocity Singapore
Gram Cafe & Pancakes-Vivocity Singapore-Premium Pancakes*Credit Singaporeliciouz.
So in Japan, these premium pancakes are only available and served at certain fixed timing and this applies here in Singapore too.
Do take note that there are available only at 3 time slots each day.

11:00AM | 3:00PM | 6:00PM
And it is limited quantity of 30 servings each time.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes-Premium Pancakes
Gram Cafe & Pancakes
Premium Pancakes S$17.90
The signature pancakes served, three lofty 4cm thick wobbly discs are stacked altogether like a tower. It is crowned with melt-in Gram original butter, served alongside special fluffy home-made whipped cream and drizzled generously with sweet maple syrup. It is best to start eating as soon as possible for the best taste and texture experience. And of course capture the jiggling moment to show off on your social media. I totally enjoyed the pillowy texture and it definitely deserves all the raving sensation.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes-Tiramisu Pancakes
Apart from their signature pancakes, here are other items in the menu-Rich Tiramisu Pancakes S$15.90. Classic thin pancakes inspired by the traditional Japanese dorayaki pancake. I would recommend this for sharing and as just like the name of the dish, it is rich in flavour especially the coffee taste and also the Tiramisu element.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes-Chilli Beans Pancakes
Next, we tried the Chilli Bean Pancakes S$18.90. This is a savoury classic pancakes topped with chilli beans sauce and melted cheddar cheese and served with a side of sausage, potato and luscious salad greens. Although it stated chilli, the spicy level is not that significant though. It is totally fine for those who does not take spicy just like me.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes-French Toasts
I also recommend to try French Toast of Chocolate Banana S$15.90. After the first bite, Nicole commented “ I would finish it all by myself if I am 20 years younger”. We all nodded and enjoyed this dish. Classic French Toast topped with fresh cream and maple syrup. Simple and yet so satisfying!

There are more than just these in the menu. Expect to try other type of French Toasts and pancakes in the menu. Be it the savoury or sweet version here in Gram Café. Customers also free to DIY their pancakes with toppings for an extra burst of flavour. From sauces to ice-cream,fruits to sausages, there are whopping number of 16 toppings altogether.

There will be Premium to Go takout set launching soon. Customers can bring a set of premium pancakes home soon. More details will be up at a later date.

Oh ya for those who watched my IG stories, there is a pancake plushie available for retail in the store too! Too cute not to buy it!

Gram Cafe & Pancakes
Adderess: 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 8666 6277
Opening Hours : Daily 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grampancakes/

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