[SG EATS] Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke At Paya Lebar Square- Tonkatsu Restaurant With Free-Flow Salad Bar

Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke is the latest concept by Keisuke Group. This new tonkatsu restaurant will open to public from 13 November 2019 onwards at Paya Lebar Square. The 23-seater restaurant focuses on classic tonkatsu that are marinated in shio koji. Shio koji (塩麹, 塩糀) is a natural seasoning used to marinate, tenderize, and enhance the umami, or richness (one of the five basic tastes) in foods. It’s made of just a few simple ingredients: salt, water, and rice koji (Info from google). Rice koji is said to help boost the immune system and improve digestion. Other concept restaurant under Keisuke Group which is within the vicinity area is the Charcoal Grill & Salad Bar Keisuke for your consideration too.Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-3
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-1
Here are the snapshots of the menu for your reference.
There are the classic pork tenderloin and pork loin katsu set in the menu. But we decided to go for something different. We had the Assorted Seafood Katsu Set S$20.90++ that comes with 2 prawns, scallop and salmon. Right choice for us as the outer skin is crispy and the semi-rare salmon in the inside has the fatty flavour. The prawns are fresh and springy in texture. And the half-boiled fried egg is certainly worth the attention too. The staff advises us to put the egg with the rice and drizzled soy sauce before giving a good mix and enjoy it. It was tasty and flavourful.
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-Assorted Seafood Katsu
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-2

Next, we had the recommended Rolled Pork & Vegetables Katsu set S$15.90++. Customers can self-select their ingredients for the rolled pork and vegetables katsu. Choose any five ingredients from the list. Also, add on cheddar cheese for the cheesy flavour. If only the cheese taste can be stronger, it would be all good.
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-Rolled Pork & vegetables
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-Rolled Pork & vegetables-1
All the set comes with half-boiled fried egg, Japanese pickles, miso soup, rice, free flow cabbage bar and sauce bar. The choices for the free flow salad bar are limited as compared with Charcoal Grill & Salad Bar Keisuke but there are quite a various types of sauces for you to try.
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-Salad Bar
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-Sauces Bar
Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke-Paya Lebar Square-Sauces Bar-1
I would say affordable tonkatsu set here and I do recommend trying their salmon and the rolled pork and vegetables katsu for a change.Be prepare to queue as the seats are limited here. All prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Shiokoji Tonkatsu Keisuke
Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road,
#01-02/03, Paya Lebar Square,
Singapore 409051
Opening hours: Daily 11:30AM-2:30PM | 5:30PM-10:00PM
Tel: +65 6214 3345
Website: http://www.keisuke.sg/home

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