[TRAVEL] Top Entertainment Destinations Around the World

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One of the main reasons to take a vacation is to check out the nightlife in other cities. From theater and comedy, to casinos and gaming, to bars and clubs, a city’s nightlife can make or break your vacation. Below are some of the top destinations worldwide for the entertainment-focused traveler.
Las Vegas
When it comes to nightlife, perhaps no city is better known than Las Vegas. It’s a place as spectacular as it is unrealistic, a glittering paradise in the middle of the desert. Of course, the most popular reason to come to Vegas is for the game, which is what the city is literally founded on and built around.
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Nowadays, the city is home to dozens of casino resorts. Many of these are breathtakingly built and designed, emulating Paris, Venice, ancient Rome, or Egypt. In addition to gaming, Vegas is filled with robust nightlife, from magic shows and concerts to circus and fine dining.
This island off the coast of Spain is known for its clubbing. Visit this sun-soaked destination for some of the world’s best DJs, music festivals, and exclusive parties. At Playa d’en Bossa or San Antonio resorts, you can find the super clubs that make this island famous.
To keep the party going into the daytime, check out boat parties, which bring the action into the Mediterranean. And of course, no trip would be complete without visiting the world’s biggest nightclub, Privilege.

This Dutch capital is a must-see destination for nightlife lovers. The city is filled with clubs and it is frequently home to music festivals, including dance, techno, and trap festivals. The bar and club scene is casual, which makes it an ideal destination for those who aren’t looking to over-pack and just want to get down to dancing! To kick off the night or wind down afterwards, the city offers top-notch bars, breweries, and special “night cafes” that act more as clubs than coffee shops. (Why not have both?)
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Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced cities on the planet, so it’s considered a global hub for all types of innovation. But it’s also one of the world’s go-to destinations for nightlife, entertainment, and gaming of all types. For example, in 2020, Singapore will host the world’s largest gaming festival and trade show, gamescom. This is part of the nation’s ambition to become a hub for e-sports (or video games played online).
Singapore’s digital culture and advanced tech are influencing the world around it, making this trendsetter a must-see destination for entertainment. Visitors can attend game and entertainment centers, including places exclusively dedicated to virtual reality (VR). For more traditional gaming, Singapore is home to luxury resorts like Resorts World, owned by Genting, and the Marina Bay Sands. Both of these contain luxurious and breathtakingly-designed casinos alongside pools, nightclubs, malls, and high-end restaurants.

New York
Whatever your tastes in nightlife, New York’s got it. In the borough of Manhattan, you can continue partying well into the night — it is the city that never sleeps, after all. You can combine any number of activities, one right after the other. Start the night off with dinner and drinks at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and then catch a Broadway performance.
When the show lets out, the night is just beginning. You can branch off to a rooftop bar, speakeasy, or nightclub. And nightlife isn’t just concentrated in one neighborhood. Whether you’re in Chelsea, Greenwich Village, or Williamsburg, you’ll find people out and about, no matter the time, day of the week, or weather. To split off from the touristy crowds and party like a local, check out bars and breweries in Brooklyn or Queens.

From Europe to Asia, there are entertainment destinations for you. Gamers and club enthusiasts no longer need to be restricted to Vegas — cities like Singapore and Amsterdam are home to some of the best nightlife scenes in the world. Happy travels!

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