[TRAVEL GUIDE]A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

One destination that should be at the top of every traveler’s bucket list is Malaysia. The Southeast Asian country is not only well-regarded for its exceptional cuisine, but it is also filled with many superb landmarks you’re unlikely to forget, such as KL Tower and Batu Caves.If you are thinking of venturing to the cultural wonder, read the below top tips for solo travel to Malaysia.
Research the Best Accommodation
Choose wisely when selecting accommodation in Malaysia. As you will likely want to travel to different landmarks during your trip, you must select both convenient and comfortable hotels.
To avoid making a big mistake, you would be smart to create an itinerary before you book any lodging, as you can pick a central location that’s a stone’s throw away from the many attractions you plan to visit. For example, booking hostel, apartments or hotels at places like Ampang apartments located near to KL city area.
It might, therefore, be a smart move to stay in the centre of the nation’s biggest cities, such as Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Penang.
Prepare for Tropical Weather
It is important to both mentally and physically prepare for Malaysia’s tropical weather. It is common for temperatures to soar in the middle of the day; however, you might endure heavy showers once late afternoon arrives. To avoid wearing the wrong clothing, you should check both the daily and hourly weather. You also might need to adjust your itinerary and you’d be smart to pack both an umbrella and sunscreen in your bag.

Petronas Towers

Plan Solo Activities
While solo travel will allow you to set your own itinerary, travel at your own pace and embrace your independence, it can also feel a little lonely from time to time. To ensure you are never tempted to jump on the next flight home, you should plan various solo activities to stimulate your mind when you’re not exploring various landmarks.
For example, you could watch a movie or write a travel blog. You could even visit a local bar to tune into one of your favorite sports, such as soccer, football or basketball. By doing so, you could mix with other locals and tourists, who will likely be eager to discuss the latest Super Bowl LIV odds. It could lead to a friendly debate about who will lift the trophy this February: the Packers, 49ers, Tennessee Titans or Kansas City Chiefs.
Stay Safe
While Malaysia isn’t necessarily a dangerous nation to visit, it is imperative to have your wits about you throughout the travel experience, just as you would if you visited another country when traveling alone or with friends.
For example, you should remain vigilant to ensure your money and personal belongings aren’t stolen by pickpockets or thieves. It is also wise to plan your route and transportation, so you will not become lost when traveling from A to B.
Try the Local Cuisine
Once you touchdown in Malaysia, you should ditch the McDonalds and immerse yourself in the local cuisine, which accurately reflects the country’s multi-ethnic population. Dishes you would have to be foolish not to try include:
• Ayam percik (chicken with percik sauce)
• Apam balik (a Malaysian pancake)
• Rendang (beef, lamb or chicken)
• Curry laksa (a creamy soup)
• Hainanese chicken rice
Nasi Kandar (flavored steamed rice)
The passion Malaysians have for food is reflected in every dish served. While some might not have originated from the nation, they have become much-loved staples by locals, as they offer flavors that will linger on your tongue throughout your trip.
Check-In with Your Loved Ones
It is easy to feel homesick when traveling solo, even if you make many new friends during your overseas adventure. To ensure it doesn’t tarnish your experience, you should routinely check-in with your loved ones to update them on your travels and to find out what’s happening in their lives back home.
Aim to Make Friends
You can rest assured you won’t be the only solo traveler in Malaysia. To keep loneliness at bay, you should aim to make many new friends. For example, you could strike up a conversation at a hotel or hostel, or you could join a social media group to connect with other backpackers in Malaysia.

So, if you are planning a solo adventure to Malaysia, you should bear the above tips in mind for a smooth and enjoyable experience.
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