[SG EATS] A Journey to the East and West at SE7ENTH | Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore

Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore is a luxury serviced apartment with an in-house restaurant, Se7enth for guests to have business lunch meetings or cosy gatherings. The contemporary dining restaurant is located at Level 7 of the building. We are here to discover a refreshed ala carte menu designed by Executive Chef Gary Lim. Indulge in a gastronomic journey to the East and West and explore the beautiful harmony of both cultures.Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore
Here are the dishes we tried during the lunch session:
Crispy Chicken Wings with Truffle Maple Drizzle S$15.00++
Crispy Chicken Wings with Truffle Maple Drizzle- Se7enth-Oakwood Premier ATMD Singapore
Their signature crispy chicken wings remains in their new menu and I do recommend to go for it. It is indeed crispy and the maple sweetness does not overpower the savoury taste of the chicken wings.

Honey Truffle Ricotta with Grilled Caramelized Bread S$12.00++
Honey Truffle Ricotta with Grilled Caramelized Bread - Se7enth Oakwood Premier Singapore
Simple and delicious way to enjoy as a snack or starter before the mains.

Snow Crab Seafood Platter with Truffle Risotto S$42.00++
Snow Crab Seafood Platter with Truffle Risotto-Se7enth Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore
Seafood galore includes the snow crab legs, mussels and prawns baked in garlic butter and herbs served separately with truffle risotto.

Salmon En Papillote with Wild Mushroom Veloute S$35.00++
Salmon En Papillote with Wild Mushroom Veloute-Se7enth Oakwood Premier ATMD Singapore
Baked thick slab salmon on a tender bed of zucchinis and eggplants nestled in a paper pouch. Healthy tasty way to enjoy the dish and there is an earthy wild mushroom flavour element in it.

Wagyu Katsu Sandwich S$35.00++
Wagyu Katsu Sandwich- Se7enth- Oakwood Premier ATMD Singapore
Tender breaded Wagyu striploin steak medium done, sandwiched between grilled brioche. The sandwich is served with homemade pickled vegetables and sour cream chips.

Mala Xiang Guo S$28.00
Mala Xiangguo- Se7enth Oakwood Premier ATMD Singapore
While Mala Xiang Guo can be found in many places, the rendition here is pretty decent. Chef uses premium ingredients like black mussels, king river prawns, scallops, quail eggs, squid and noodles , stir-fried with special recipe of blended Sichuan peppercorn, chili, garlic and shallots. We called it the “atas’ mala xiang guo version. You can request for complimentary bowl of rice but not the spicy level though.

Apart from these, they also offer Executive Set Lunch priced at S$25.00++ that comes with a starter, main course and choice of drink (coffee or tea). For more details, click here.

Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore, Level 7
Address: 6 Shenton Way,
OUE Downtown 1,
Singapore 068809
Opening Hours:
Lunch 12:00PM-2:00PM
Dinner 6:30PM – 10:00PM
Reservatons: please call 6812 6050 or email se7enth.premier-singapore@oakwood.com
Website: Oakwood.com/Premier-Singapore
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SE7ENTHsg/

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