[SG EATS] FLIPPER’S – The Original ‘Kiseki’ Pancake Chain from Japan Is Now in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City

FLIPPER’S finally made its debut with a flagship store at Takashimaya SHopping Centre on 6 November. The flagship store took over the previous d’Good Cafe location if you are wondering where is the actual store location. This famous souffle pancake is originated in Tokyo in 2014 and marks its international presence in New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Seoul. The unique artisanal souffle pancakes are so delicate that they are served with two forks, which is part of the signature FLIPPER’S experience.
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Takashimaya Shopping Centre-2
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Takashimaya Shopping Centre
FLIPPER’S has been one of the recommended pancake place to go when you travel to Japan. I remembered my first souffle pancake with them was 2/3 years ago. So excited to have them here in Singapore now.

The ‘Kiseki’ (Miracle) of FLIPPER’S sourced meticulously for the best ingredients and took them 6 months to select the perfect eggs and flour to create the brand’s precise formula. The team decided on Hinata eggs from Kanagawa prefecture and the flour is procured from Japanese Kitahonami flour milled from Hokkaido wheay. The pancake batter also features flavourful AOP-certified French butter, as well as rich and creamy Japanee fresh milk.

What to expect from Singapore flagship store?
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Takashimaya Shopping Centre-1
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Kiseki Pancake Takashimaya Shopping Centre
The store is all decked in signature yellow and pale grey with show kitchen where customers can get up close to see how the kiseki panckes are made-to-order behind a large window.

There are a total of 6 pancakes in the digital menu with only one savoury option. There are salads too. We tried 5 different pancake flavours during the media preview.

Kiseki Pancake S$16.80A must-order classic Kiseki Pancake Plain served with three ‘fuwa fuwa’ (jiggly) souffle pancakes crowned with a generous dollop of FLIPPER’S proprietary maple whipped cream made with Canadian pure maple syrup and French butter. Fluffy and pillow-soft with a melt-in-the-mouth texture souffle pancakeand very light in flavour. The smooth cream adds flavour without overpoweing the aromatic stack.

Matcha Azuki S$19.80
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Matcha Azuki
Matcha lovers can opt for Matcha Azuki that comes with matcha and red beans. Bittersweet velvety green tea crem made with quality matcha powder from Kyoto and azuki (red bean ) paste with fresh whipped cream and Hokkaido kinako or roasted soybea powder. Lastly, the matcha honey served on the side. Surprisingly, the matcha flavours are mild and nice balance of sweetness. You can totally finish all by yourself if you are avid matcha fans.

Hazelnut Chocolate S$21.80
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Hazelnut Chocolate
For chocolate fans, go for their Hazelnut Chocolate where the souffle pancakes topped with Valrhona Equatoriale Noire 55 chocolate-infused cream, luscious hazelnut praline and caramelised bananas finished with homemade chocolate and feuilletine shard and served with melted chocolate.The hazelnut praline added the nuttiness and texture to the pancake.

Millennial Strawberry S$20.80
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Millennial Strawberry
To celebrte the opening of the cafe, check out this exclusive seasonal special, Millennial Strawberry. This creation features sweet and tangy fresh Chitose strawberries, velvety cream cheese and homemade strawberry jelly sandwiched between souffle pancakes cloaked in a handcrafted strawberries-blended cream.Not a fan of strawberry to be honest but this is pretty good.You can taste the sweetness from the strawberries.
Note: This is limited only until 30 November.

Egg Benedict S$22.80
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Egg Benedict
Finally we have the only savoury version where they use Hinata eggs for the two perfectly poached eggs on top two souffle pancakes. One with grilled tiger prawns and avocado cubes, while the other with Norwegian smoked salmon and sauteed spinach. It is a classic egg benedict except we have souffle pancakes for the base. The breakfast style dish is served with garden salad as the side.
FLIPPER'S Singapore-Rose Strawberry Milk
As for the drinks menu, they offer hot and iced coffee and teas. Refreshing beverages like Blue Honey Ade S$7.60, Rose Strawberry Milk S$6.90 (recommend to try) and Melona Manpuku S$5.50 are available for a new experience.

Also, they will feature seasonal menu based on Japan produce from time to time at a limited period only. So, do stay tune on their official website for the updates.

Do note that only walk-ins are allowed from 6-8 November. Reservations are allowed from 9 November onwards from www.q4what.com/flippers

FLIPPER’S Singapore
Address: Takashimaya S.C.
Ngee Ann City
391A Orchard Road #B1-56
Singapore 238873
Opening Hours: Daily 10:30AM-10:00PM
Website: http://flippers-pancake.jp
Facebook: www.facebook.com/flippers.singapore

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