[SG EATS]No Signboard Seafood At Esplanade Mall [CLOSED]

No Signboard Seafood is well-known for its iconic White Pepper Crab, first created by Madam Ong back in the beginnings where she started a seafood hawker stall at Matter Road Hawker Centre. Since 1981, the established brand has two outlets locally at Esplanade Mall and VivoCity.
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall
I was at their Esplanade outlet for the dinner session, and it has a luxurious contemporary interior with a view of the open kitchen. And diners can satisfy their visual on the electronic river with fishes swimming when you look up at the ceiling.
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-1
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-2
With the beautiful space and location, the dishes presentation is also on par. Expect to have a menu with a mixture of fusion-style seafood dishes.
Here are some of the signature dishes you can consider when you visit them.
Signature White Pepper Sri Lankan Crab
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-Signature White Pepper Sri Lankan Crab
Their peppercorns are flown in from a secret country and mashed into a savoury, piquant gravy. Well- balance in flavours and the peppercorns are not overpowering the dish. It is their iconic signature dish not to miss.

Chilli CrabChilli crab that has more spicy punch rather than sweet ones. I am not a fan of sweet version so this works well for me and do not forget to order mantou to enjoy it with the gravy.

Deep-fried Butter Prawns S$6.00/per pc (Live Prawn), min. 6 pcs | S$15.00/per pc (King prawn), min. 4pcsNo Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-Deep-fried Butter Prawns
Crispy butter floss using Carnation milk and butter with curry leaves well-coated on the prawns. It is simply addictive in taste and texture.

Seasonal Fish in Claypot (Seasonal Price)
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-Seasonal Fish in Claypot
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-Seasonal Fish in Claypot-1
Heart-warming dish that reminds me of my grandma cooking. This dish boasts the freshest catch cooked to perfection in a claypot that allows the heat and moisture to circulate, resulting in flaky, tender fish that is evenly cooked. Flavorful pork bone broth that has been simmered for about 6 hours, complete with white peppery that gives a nice punch to the flavor. I also enjoyed having it with the fried tofu skin and yam in it. Highly recommended to try this dish.

Local Style Mee Goreng S$18.00 (S) | S$28.00 (M) | S$38.00 (L)
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-Local Style Mee Goreng
Indulge in the familiar taste of local delight, fried noodles served with thick yellow noodles, fresh prawns, cuttlefish, and chunks of diced dish with chye sim.

Teochew ‘Orh-Nee’ Yam Paste S$10.00
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-Orh Nee Dessert
All-time old school favourite dessert, orh-nee is made in-house. This bowl of goodness is served warm, the smooth and sweet yam paste garnished with vibrant pops of color from gingko nuts.

Coconut Pudding with Sago & Gula Melaka S$8.00
No Signboard Seafood Esplanade Mall-Coconut Pudding
Lastly, the luxuriously smooth and wobbly, custard-like pudding with sweet, brown palm sugar and pearlescent balls of delightful sago. Gula Melaka has the distinctive flavor and best to pair with something light like coconut pudding just nice to balance off the taste.

No Signboard Seafood is celebrating their 40th anniversary with 40% off on all crabs from now until 13 June 2021. The promotion is exclusively for takeaway with maximum 2 crabs per table order. Terms & conditions apply.

No Signboard Seafood @ Esplanade Mall
Address: Esplanade Mall #01-14/16
8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 11:00AM-2:30PM | 5:30PM-10:00PM
Saturday to Sunday 11:00AM- 10:00PM
Website: http://www.nosignboardholdings.com/nosignboardseafood.html

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