[TRAVEL GUIDE] Checklist Guide If You Are Driving Into Malaysia (Land Travel)

Counting down to 1 Apr where the land borders with Malaysia will finally reopen after two years. Time flies! I finally get to go home to visit my family and friends and yes! Weekend trip is happening again after so long. Time to update my Johor posts again.
Apart from public transport, like trains, bus and car pool services, many also drive into Malaysia. So, what are the checklists required if you are planning to drive in?
NOTE: You do not need to take pre-departure test if you are driving across the Causeway. As long as you are fully vaccinated, you can drive across the causeway (kids under the age of 12 do not need to be fully-vaccinated). 

Singapore to Malaysia
1.  Passport – Do ensure your passport is not expired!
2.  Download MySejahtera App – Malaysia version of TraceTogether. Do download the app and get it verified (as shown on the picture).
Once verified, upload your vaccination status via the helpdesk in the app. If you unable to get it certified, you can generate your physical certificate via notarise.
3.  Purchase EZ-Link x Touch ‘n Go card – If you have the existing card, please check the back of the card to see
the expiry date.Or else, purchase from the selected 7-11 stores to pay for the checkpoint and highway tolls in Malaysia.
4.  Apply for a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) – Drivers are required to apply for Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) on Malaysia JPJ website. Do download the PDF of your log card from LTA to ease your submission.
5.  Travel Insurance – Travel insurance that covers COVID-19 for your protection when you travel out of Singapore.

Malaysia to Singapore
1.   Passport – Ensure your passport in your bag
2.   SG Arrival Card– Please make sure you complete your SG Arrival  Card online within three (3) days before returning to the Singapore checkpoint. This is applicable to Singaporeans as well.
3.  Valid Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)– Ensure that you have the valid VEP applied from LTA.
4.  For non-Singaporean, do ensure you verify your Digital Vaccination Certificate (DVC) on the SafeTravel website’s Vaccination Check Portal. You will also need to download TraceTogether.

If you are planning for a Desaru trip, you can read about the travel guide here. The ferry service is currently down and awaits for the update soon. You can only use land travel to Desaru now.

While it is a good news that the borders are opening but do take note on your safety while traveling. Happy Travels!

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