[SG EATS] White Marble | Mediterranean Grill Restaurant by Chef Otto Weibel @ Orchard Rendezvous Hotel

White Marble, a Mediterranean grill restaurant located in Orchard Rendezvous Hotel is a concept by Chef Otto Weibel. The open concept is a sister restaurant of Black Marble that resonant with Chef Otto’s culinary philosophy-of fresh quality produce prepared with rigor and simplicity to showcase the natural flavours cooked to perfection. The 158-seater casual dining restaurant’s menu dishes based on classics from countries like Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France and the Middle East.
White Marble Restaurant by Chef Otte- Rendezvous Hotel
White Marble Restaurant- Rendezvous Hotel SG
The menu showcases a selection of bar snacks, appetisers, sharing platters, main courses, grill items, skewers, sides, and desserts. Here are our dinner highlights the other day:
Mezze Plate S$34.00++ for 2 | Fattouche S$12.00++White Marble-Mezze Plate
An assortment of small dishes of Eastern Mediterranean region eaten as appetizers that comes with dips and spread.The small dishes features Falafel, Tabbouleh with quinoa, Fattouche, Eggplant Mouttabal, Hummus, Chicken Skewer and Pita. Also, Fattouche, a classic Levantine crunchy salad dressed in a refreshing lemon dressing to kick start the dinner.

Roasted Butternut Squash S$12.00++White Marble-Roasted Butternut Squash
Roasted butternut squash tastes like slightly sweet with a nutty squash taste, which pairs well with both sweet and savory flavors and hints of spiciness from chilli oil and chilli yoghurt, finished with toasted sunflower seeds and seasonal herbs.

Octopus S$36.00++White Marble-Octopus
Charcoal-grilled Spanish octopus served with crispy and crunchy potato and garlic cream. One of my favourite dish of the night.

Chicken Leg Bone-in Tagine S$60.00++ for 2White Marble-Chicken Leg Bone-in Tagine
A classic Moroccan stew cooked in the traditional clay and ceramic pot known as Tagine. The chicken is marinated with shawarma spice and slow cooked with preserved lemon, dates, olive,capers and tomato in tagine. The dish is flavor-dense and we enjoyed the moisture of the stew as well as the perfect cooked chicken.

Prawn Bucatini Puttanesca S$28.00++White Marble-Prawn Bucatini Puttanesca
Classic Italian recipe with olive oil, mixed olives, tomatoes, capers and anchovies. The pasta puttanesca packs a punch that make our taste buds salivate with savoury and sweet bite.

Seafood Skewer S$38.00++ per skewer and Australian Lamb Skewer S$48.00++ per skewerWhite Marble-Seafood and Australian Lamb Skewer
The seafood skewer consists of octopus, white fish, prawns, and assorted vegetables. The juicy, tender Australian lamb skewer marinated in chermoula. The skewers are served with 3 different sauces- lemon garlic cream, harissa aioli and salbitxada.

Creama Catalana S$16.00++White Marble-Crema Catalana
This Spanish dessert is a custard dessert thickened with milk and cornstarch with freshly squeezed orange juice added for flavour profile. The dessert topped with torches orange segments, freeze-dried tangerines, candied orange peels and mint leaves.

Fig & Almond S$16.00++White Marble-Fig & Almond
Lastly, a cold-pressed olive oil cake baked with fresh figs and paired with almond crumble and yoghurt ice cream.

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Address: White Marble
Orchard Rendezvous Hotel
1 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247905
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30AM- 10:30PM

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