[SG EATS] Kissajin by Les Amis Group – Fun and Affordable Omakase Experience Inspired by Japanese Culture, Festivals

Kissajin officially opened on 10 October 2022 and located right next to Jinhonten ( Omakase sister establishment). The restaurants are also in the esteemed restaurant group of Les Amis Group including Wagyu Jin, Jinjo, Tenjin and Sushi Jin. Helmed by Chef Ryo Yamaguchi alongside Executive Chef Makoto Saito, @Kissajin proffers an experiential menu that is refreshed quarterly to highlight prime seasonal produce.

The restaurant offers one specially curated omakase menu each for lunch and dinner. Priced at S$68.00++ for seven (7) course lunch and S$98.00++ for eight (8) course dinner. Expect to see new menu every quarterly to highlight prime seasonal produce.
Kissajin- Les Amis Group
Here are the Omkase dinner course we tried:
yoyo tsuri game- Kissajin-Les Amis Group
yoyo tsuri game-appetiser- Kissajin-Les Amis Group
We started off with a game of yoyo tsuri. It is a game often played during Japanese festival, where you get to fish out a balloon of your choice from the glass fishbowl. Then, you pop the balloon on top of a bed of seaweed dressed in zesty yuzu. The smooth orb of Goma tofu will appear, and this completes the experience. Every diner will get a chance to experience.
Tazuni Sushi, Smoked Scallop, Charcoal-battered Kaarage and Red-bean Filled Mochi -Omakase Kissajin
The appetizers like Tazuni Sushi, Smoked Scallop, Charcoal-battered Kaarage and Red-bean Filled Mochi are served thereafter.
Japanese Sando-Chawanmushi-Omakase-Kissajin
Japanese Sando aka ‘kissaten’ staple are in the menu as well. It comprises a duo of crumbed and deep-fried tamago and pork katsu sandwiched between toasted bread slicked with wasabi mayo.
Next, we had the Chawanmushi where the service staff brings over the okamochi-a tiered steel box traditionally used to deliver food from door to door and serves the food tableside.

Assorted Sashimi with three exceptional types of sashimi which is only available on the dinner menu.
Kagoshima Wagyu-Omakase Kissajin
Tenderness and full-bodied flavor Kagoshima Wagyu paired with condiments like Yakiniku sauce and kimchi to elevate the flavour of the meat.
For fried dish, they offer Prawn Tempura with yam, battered king crab and Japanese fish cake complemented by gravy or Fried Prawn served with shredded cabbage in a sesame dressing and nanban sauce for dipping.
Inaniwa Udon-Omakase Kissajin
For Rice or Noodle dish, diners can opt for homemade Japanese Curry served with succelent slices of Kagoshima Wagyu, or Inaniwa Udon. We had the udon served in a piping hot broth with tangy notes from yuzu and spiced with shichimi tongarashi. The udon also comes with thin wagyu beef slices. Simple yet flavourful bowl with all the ingredients in it.
Cream Anmitsu-Dessert Omakase Kissajin
We had for dessert as the end of finale. Featuring delicate cubes of jelly, sweet azuki bean paste, and prime season fruits to mark the end of the omakase.

Kissajin is one of the casual Omakase where you get fresh produce and quality ingredients without breaking the bank. Diners can experience fun playful approach here in the restaurant.

Address: Kissajin
1 Scotts Road #01-11 Shaw Centre
Singapore 288208
Opening Hours: 12:00PM-3:00PM | 6:00PM-10:30PM
Website: https://kissajin.com.sg/

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