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Madame Fan invites diners to immerse in the season of Spring to experience the cycle of burgeoning with an enchanted garden of lush blooms from her secret garden this Lunar New Year. Experience Spring with a retelling of Madame Fan’s a la carte signature incorporating a curated selection of edible flowers to lend a balance of delicate lightness to the masterfully modern Cantonese dishes.

Indulge the lavish set menus from Prosperous Lunch Set Menu S$98.00++ per person and the prestigious Auspicious Set Menu S$198.00++ per person. For family or big gatherings, they offer communal Prosperity Family Set S$1,288.00++ per set, which serves eight (8) persons, with an assortment of delicacies. Designated set menus as well as takeaway culinary of Poon Choi and Yu Sheng is available for dine-in and takeaway from 9 January to 5 February 2023.

Here are the highlights for this Lunar New Year preview:
Full Blossom of Fruits Yu Sheng with New Zealand Blackgold Abalone S$238.00++
Full Blossom of Fruits Yu Sheng with New Zealand Blackgold Abalone - Madame Fan JW Marriott
Full Blossom of Fruits Yu Sheng with New Zealand Blackgold Abalone
Inspired by the dynamism of blossomy, Executive Chef Pak Chee Yit presents a refreshing appreciation of Yu Sheng, topped with a nourishing Blackgold Abalone harvested from pristine New Zealand oceans. The Yu Sheng is showered with Orange Cosmos lending a sweet and zesty undercurrent in complement of premium fruits such as Harumanis Mango from Japan, South African Blueberries, Fuji Apple, Spain Persimmon, Cantaloupe Rock Melon, and Korean Pear, dressed in refreshing homemade Lemon Honey Grain Mustard Yogurt. Fruit lovers will enjoy this beautifully curated Yu Sheng and it is a different take from your usual Yu Sheng.

Madame Fan’s Prosperity Poon Choi- from S$428.00nett
The poon chai is a trove of sea treasures featuring 10 extravagant ingredients including Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Scallop, Tiger Prawns, Poached Chicken. Apart from traditional Abalone Sauce, Madame Fan also offers modern take using the homemade Spicy Pickled Pepper Sauce and Momotaro Tomato Sauce for this Lunar New Year. We tried the Spicy Pickled Pepper Sauce and it was not as spicy as I thought. The flavours are relatively mild and not spicy at all. It is quite comforting and best to go with a bowl of white rice.
P/S: The Poon Choi is exclusively for take-home delights.

Pan-seared A4 Wagyu with Morel Mushroom and Black Miso SaucePan-seared A4 Wagyu with Morel Mushroom and Black Miso Sauce- Madame Fan JW Marriott
This a la carte dish is refreshed with a sprinkle of Egyptian Star Flower for a harmonious blend. The edible flower provides grassy-honey-flavored heat to elevate the flavour of the dish. Besides intensifying flavors, these five-petaled edible flowers provide texture and crunch to creative dishes, along with pleasing floral aromas and a nice nutritional punch. The pan-seared wagyu beef and the foie gras are nicely done and it melts in the mouth.

Deep-fried Chilean Seabass
Deep-fried Chilean Seabass-Madame Fan JW Marriott
The Chilean Seabass has a fabulous taste and high fat content that keeps it moist in the inside and melts in the mouth. The deep-fried fish with sweet and sour sauce is complemented with Cranberry Hibiscus leaves that has a tart slightly sour cranberry taste. The Chinese classic Sweet and Sour Fish dish is further elevated with the taste of the edible flowers.

Stir-fried Fish Paste Noodlesstir fried fish paste noodles madame fan
For carbs, we had the stir-fried fish paste noodles topped with roasted duck and XO sauce. Comforting QQ fish paste noodles and savoury XO sauce for the flavours.

Mango Sago Tang Yuan mango sago with tang yuan madame fan
Lastly, Mango sago tang yuan dressed in Honululu Vibe for dessert. Definitely a sweet note to end the night.

For dining reservation, please email to dining.reservations@theNCOclub.com or +65 6818 1921

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For collection or delivery orders, please visit https://madamefan.oddle.me

Address: Madame Fan
The NCO Club
32 Beach Road
Singapore 189764
Website: madamefan.sg

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