[SG EATS] Charcoal-Grilled Omakase Dining Experience at HANAZEN in Chijmes

Hanazen situated in the CHIJMES dining and entertainment hub in the heart of the City Hall district has recently launched a brand-new menu. The menu is meticulously crafted by Chef Taisei Iwao. Chef Taisei, who serves as the Executive Chef at the Michelin-starred Lumiere and owns Karato in Osaka.

Hanazen’s omakase menu is an exploration of Japanese cuisine that adheres to the highest standards of quality and precision. It draws inspiration from French culinary techniques and a wide range of influences. Diners can indulge in dishes that change with the seasons as the Omakase menu is regularly updated to showcase the best seasonal ingredients available.

Excited to sample the 10-course menu for S$210++ person during the dinner session. Alternatively, diners have the option to go for 9-course menu priced at S$180++ per person too.

Uni Brioche
Hanazen- Uni Brioche
The evening begins with a delicate square of toasted brioche topped with generous spoonfuls of uni / sea urchin and fragranced with a dash of paprika.

Tuna Tartare
Hanazen- Omakase Tuna Tartare
A mix of fatty Nagasaki Chutoro and Akamai , crowned with caviar and delicate gold leaf. Masterpiece in both presentation and flavour.

Hanazen- Hotate
Lightly grilled scallops with firm texture, accompanied by an intriguing broccoli, kelp, and coriander mousse. Upon serving, it is drizzled with broccoli and crab chowder for a dash of dimension in flavour.

Presented by Chef Iwao where he flambeed the Baked Australia Lobster adorned with a drizzle of both lobster miso and velvety bechamel sauce. The dish is elevated by the addition of skillfully incorporated pieces of rich and sweet crustacean flesh and a sumptuous sauce.

Awabi (Abalone)
Hanazen- Omakase Awabi
Combination of tender abalone, rich liver sauce and fluffy rice creates a symphony of flavours on the palate. I still remember the first taste of this dish was at Wagyu Jin. I enjoyed it as the abalone contributes a subtle oceanic sweetness and chewiness and the rice absorbs the liver sauce and these elements create a harmonious blend of savoury and umami flavour.

Hanazen-WagyuHanazen- Kagoshima A4 Beef
A5 Kagoshima beef is prepared to perfection, cooked to a delightful medium-rare doneness, and accompanied by a tantalizing fresh onion sauce infused with Shizuoka wasabi and whole black peppercorns to deliver a bold and robust flavor profile. The black peppercorns undergo a 48-hour aging process in Thai fish sauce, resulting in a uniquely intricate savoriness that sets it apart from any other culinary experience. Another standout feature of the meal is the Kagoshima A4 Beef, expertly char-grilled right before our eyes.

Beef Curry
Hanazen-Beef Curry
Unlike the usual Japanese curry, this beef curry rice uses Niigata Koshihikari rice and slow-cooked braised beef curry that captures a sublime sweetness derived from a medley of premium ingredients. Ingredients including carrots, apples, and the exceedingly premium Miyazaki mangoes, each priced at no less than S$100.

Peach Soup
Hanazen-Peach Soup
Concluding the meal with a sweet and delightful Peach Soup. This exquisite dessert harmoniously combines the refreshing crispness of celery with the luscious and fruity roundness of peaches. It is elegantly presented atop a bed of diced Yamanashi peaches, providing a delightful textural element with each bite. Lovely!

Mont Blanc
Next in line is the Mont Blanc dessert, an indulgence that showcases the essence of vanilla bean ice cream infused with a rich earthy nuttiness from a combination of chestnut and cheese mousse. Toppings include Japanese chestnuts, chestnut powder, sweet potato crips and Graham cracker crumbs. It is a delightful textural dimension to this exquisite treat.

Raisin Butter Cookie
Hanazen-Raisin Butter Cookie
To round off our dining experience, we savored a spirited Raisin Butter Cookie thoughtfully imbued with the essence of Yamazki Whisky. Delectable treat reveals a delightful surprise with the plump raisins soaked in Yamazki whisky, imparting a subtle complexity that bursts into a symphony flavour in the mouth.

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While Hanazen received mixed reviews during its initial openings, this new menu introduces a refreshing and delightful difference that is worth exploring. If Omakase is not your cup of tea, a la carte menu is available too. Overall dining experience was great.

Reservations are now open and available via Oddle and whatsapp +659820 2963

Address: Hanazen
30 Victoria St,
#01-21/22 CHIJMES,
Singapore 187996
Reservations: (WhatsApp) +65 9820 2963
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hanazensingapore

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