[SG EATS] ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi – Singapore’s first chankonabe specialty restaurant serving hotpot, kamameshi & TikTok-viral udon

Introducing ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi, the newest venture from the EN Group. The restaurant showcases the cherished Japanese traditions of Chanko Hotpot and Kamameshi at Vivocity. It currently the only Chanko Hotpot specialty restaurant in Singapore.
ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi Vivocity Exterior
Chanko Nabe, also recognized as Sumo Stew, is a hearty hot pot originating from Japan, gaining popularity, especially among sumo wrestlers. This robust dish boasts a flavorful broth, typically crafted with dashi and chicken, and is brimming with an assortment of vegetables, proteins like chicken and tofu, and various other ingredients. Despite its calorie density, it is deemed a relatively wholesome meal, often served in generous portions.

The term “chanko” encompasses all types of cuisine prepared by sumo wrestlers. Derived from “chan,” meaning “parent,” and “ko,” meaning “child,” the term symbolizes the communal act of everyone, including coaches and trainees, sharing a meal together. Chanko Nabe transcends sumo culture and finds its place in Japanese households and restaurants alike.

ENChanko presents a variety of Chankonabe options, including the chicken-based version, the seafood-infused Kaisen Chankonabe, and Buta Chankonabe, which showcases a tempting assortment of innards ingredients. These hotpots are designed for sharing but there is option for individual hotpots starting from S$14.80++ onwards. The restaurant introduces a twist with collagen-infused soup bases with additional S$3.00++ for collagen soup lovers.
ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi-Signature Tori Chankonabe
We decided to try their Signature Tori Chankonabe (Chicken, S$58.00++ for 4 pax, S$30.00++ for 2 pax). The popular Signature Tori Chankonabe (Chicken) is a flavorful delight packed with an array of delectable ingredients. It features the Jitori chicken—a natural, antibiotic-free, and free-range poultry. Additionally, the dish includes Mochi Kinchaku, tofu skin moneybags filled with mochi, symbolizing good fortune. Other ingredients comprise housemade chicken tsukune, Beijing cabbage, Japanese mizuna, shimeji mushrooms, Japanese glass noodles, pressed tofu, carrots, Japanese leeks, and special silver beansprouts. We chose collagen-infused soup base, and it was comforting and flavorful essence. The highlight was the option for a refillable broth, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to the dining experience.
ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi
Recommend to order Himokawa Udon S$6.80++ to complete the meal experience. A trending flat and wide udon served on ice, exclusive to ENChanko. We were pleasantly surprised by the distinctive chewiness and smoothness of the flat and wide udon noodles. It was our first time trying them, and we are glad that we tried.
Pair it with their unique Mochi Kinchaku S$6.80++, a tofu moneybag filled with irresistibly stretchy mochi.

ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi Vivocity-1ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi Vivocity
Other than chankonabe, the restaurant also offers the elusive kamameshi—a fusion of claypot rice and chazuke with an iron pot and genmai dashi stock. We tried the Miyazaki Wagyu Truffle & Ikura S$39.00++ kamameshi, featuring tender wagyu, a delightful truffle aroma, and bursting ikura. The set also comes with appetizer, chawanmushi and clam soup.

@hazeldiary_ Discover Japanese culinary traditions at ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi in VivoCity. Indulge in the Signature Tori Chankonabe, a flavorful mix featuring natural Jitori chicken and symbolic Mochi Kinchaku. Opt for the collagen-infused broth for added comfort. Don't miss the Himokawa Udon, a trending delight with unique chewiness. Pair it with Mochi Kinchaku for a satisfying experience. Explore the exclusive Miyazaki Wagyu Truffle & Ikura Kamameshi. Promo: Enjoy a complimentary Kamameshi set until December 8, 2023, with any sharing hotpot order! #enchankosg #engroup ♬ そよ風 – SHISE

Diners can savor the dish in two distinct ways. Begin by combining the rice and ingredients for an initial enjoyment. Then, add the genmai dashi, allowing it to simmer with the lid on. Afterward, mix thoroughly upon opening to discover a delightful similarity like ochazuke-style transformation. A standout moment during the kamameshi experience was savoring the crispy, caramelized rice at the pot’s bottom, absorbing the luscious essence of the dashi and ingredients.
ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi Vivocity-Karaage
For sides, we tried the Black & Red Chicken Karaage S$8.50++.Smoked teriyaki and karamiso glaze on top of chicken karaage.

ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi Opening Promo
PROMOTION: Don’t miss the ongoing promotion happening from now till 08 December 2023 where diners can enjoy a complimentary Kamameshi set with any order of sharing hotpots.
ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi Vivocity-Highball
The restaurant offers an unique Jim Beam Highball Sharing Bottle (S$28.00++, up to 3 glasses). Special highball flavours, such as Cucumber Lime (S$10.00++), Sakura (S$10.00++), Matcha (S$10.00++) and Lychee Raspberry (S$10.00++) have been specially created to enhance the hotpot experience. Other alcoholic choices include an extensive list of beer, shochu, sakes, plum and shochu cocktails.

Watch the full video here.

Address: ENChanko Hotpot & Kamameshi
1 Harbourfront Walk #01-52
Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00AM-10:00PM

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