[SG EATS] Moxie – A Modern Mediterranean restaurant and lifestyle concept by same team behind Siri House

Moxie, a Modern Mediterranean restaurant and lifestyle concept inspired by coastal culinary journeys. Nestled at the Medical Alumni Association Clubhouse on 2 College Road, the restaurant is just 5 minutes’ walk from Tiong Bahru MRT Station. Moxie is helmed by Group Executive Chef Steven Chou who brings a wealth of experience from Michelin-starred kitchens at Danny Meyer’s The Modern and The Public in New York, as well as a recent position as culinary director of Resorts World Genting.
Moxie Entrance
The restaurant is open throughout the day for dinner, weekday lunch, and weekend brunch, offering a space that effortlessly transitions from daytime gatherings to evening festivities with its modern beach house ambiance. In addition to its delectable offerings, Moxie has collaborated with local artisans to create a range of lifestyle products, including ceramics, candles, and chocolates, exclusively designed for MOXIE. Furthermore, the venue will serve as a communal space for interactions and learning, hosting a variety of workshops and masterclasses conducted by these artisans in the future.

Accommodating up to 72 guests, diners at MOXIE can enjoy an unobstructed view of the open bar and kitchen, where drinks and plates are expertly prepared right before their eyes. The expansive space also includes two more intimate private dining areas: The Cabana, catering to up to 24 guests, and The Hideaway, ideal for gatherings of up to 12 people. This arrangement caters to both larger and more intimate gatherings, offering a versatile dining experience.
Moxie Restaurant-Mediterrean Food-Pita
We visited here for a Saturday lunch and tried a couple of dishes. Our lunch commenced with the Dip Platter accompanied by Pita. Our platter comes in four distinct dips- Spinach Yogurt, Smashed Kabocha, Whipped Ricotta and Hummus. My personal favourite is still the Hummus. Classic and savory hummus, which is well-known Mediterranean delight with a smooth, nutty texture. If you prefer rich and velvety flavour, the smashed kabocha dip offers a comforting, slightly sweet flavor with a savory undertone.
Moxie Restaurant-Italian Burrata
Next, we tried Burrata. Italian Burrata with Salad of Roasted Pickled Red Beets, Grapes Pistachio Dukkah, Red Beet Gel and Mint Oil. A blend of creamy, sweet, earthy, and crunchy elements. The creamy burrata serves as the luxurious base, while the roasted pickled red beets, grapes, pistachio dukkah, red beet gel, and mint oil contribute layers of flavor, texture, and visual appeal.
Moxie Restaurant-Carpaccio Japanese Yellowtail
Carpaccio Japanese Yellowtail with Chilli Lime Dressing, Minced Ginger Flower, Sliced Radish & Hot Toasted Sesame Oil. This combination creates a well-balanced and flavorful dish that showcases the delicate nature of the yellowtail while incorporating bold and exciting Japanese-inspired elements. A good starter before we move on to our mains.

Moxie Restaurant- Spiced Corn Ribs
We also ordered Spiced Corn Ribs to share. Each corn rib is generously seasoned with paprika, coriander and cumin dressed in a cumin-infused aioli, creating a creamy and aromatic coating. To enhance the richness, they also sprinkled grated feta and freshly chopped herbs to add the savoury and tangy dimension.
Moxie Restaurant-Grouper Crudo
Grouper Crudo, featuring locally sourced flower grouper wet-brined with a mixture of salt, seaweed, and water. This dish is served with a Zhoug coulis, a blend of charred jalapeno, charred garlic, parsley, coriander, and olive oil. Accompanying the grouper are pickled Japanese cucumber and diced red radish, providing a burst of freshness and crunch. The dish is beautifully finished with a sprinkle of ground coriander seeds.
Moxie Restaurant- Grilled Chicken
Moving on, we had the Grilled Chicken.The chicken undergoes a 12-hour wet brining process, immersed in a mixture of lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, ginger, star anise, and habanero. Following this, it is air-dried and expertly grilled. The dish is complemented by a burnt red onion puree, created by char-grilling red onions, red chili, and tomatoes and blending them together. The sides include roasted baby carrots and grilled spring onions to complete the dish. While the taste of the grilled chicken was acceptable, I personally found it lacking in flavor. I still prefer the one I enjoyed at Brasserie Astoria, though.
Moxie Restaurant- Catch of the Day
For the Catch of the Day, we had the Fillet, priced at S$42 for a 200g portion. The fish selection rotates weekly, depending on the freshest offerings from their trusted producers. The fish is pan-fried with clarified butter, imparting a delectable golden crust. It is then adorned with a drizzle of browned almond butter and capers, elevating the flavors with a rich and nutty essence.
Moxie Restaurant-Arugula Pesto Orecchiette
For pasta, we tried Arugula Pesto Orecchiette. The arugula pesto is a delightful fusion of arugula, broccoli, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), lemon zest, and Parmesan cheese. Prawns and scallops are expertly sautéed with garlic confit in oil, dried red chili, white wine, arugula pesto, butter, and Orecchiette pasta. The dish is finished with crab, shaved Parmesan, fresh arugula, and crunchy toasted pine nuts.
Moxie Restaurant-Moxie Mille Feuille
Lastly, we ended our meal with three desserts- Moxie Mille Feuille, Spiced Poached Pear and Dark Chocolate Mousse. The mille feuille is a layer of crisp filo pastry sandwiched with fresh strawberries and whipped mascarpone topped with a crown of brown butter kataifi and raspberry dust. Moxie Restaurant-Spiced Poached Pear
If you prefer desserts with a light touch, go for the Spiced Poached Pear. The dessert is a delicate balance between softness and firmness.
Moxie Restaurant- Dark Chocolate Mousse
Dark chocolate enthusiasts are sure to savor the rich indulgence of dark chocolate mousse.
Moxie Main Dining Room - 2
I will revisit this Mediterranean restaurant again. The cuisine is excellent, with more hits than misses. The restaurant’s spacious layout also makes it a great communal spot, perfect for large group gatherings. Make sure to check it out soon!

Address: Moxie
2 College Road,
Medical Alumni Association Level 1,
Singapore 169850
Tel: +65 9339 3380
Website: www.moxie.sg

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