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Whenever it’s about Hong Kong, I would think of dim sum paradise. How about u? During my recent foodie weekend trip with Eric, we visited Mott32. Reservation was made beforehand to avoid disappointment. Mott32 is the concept by Maximal Concepts and located in the basement of Standard Chartered Bank. The restaurant is named after 32 Mott Street, New York’s first Chinese convenience store that opened in 1851 and marks the start of New York’s Chinatown as of today. The restaurant has the concept of east and west inspired cuisine.
Before you arrives the restaurant, you were greeted by the staff at level 1. The staff will lead the way through the escalators and pass by the mirrored spiral staircase with industrial-style lights hanging from thick metal chains. There are reflections everywhere from the mirrors. Once we arrive the basement, you will see a semi-open kitchen, custom-built duck oven and spacious dinning area. There are individual private rooms with its elegant designs and comfortable seating place.We were here at 12pm for the lunchtime. Dim sum dishes are available in the menu to choose from. The staff was there to provide suggestion and explanation on our queries of the menu. It was indeed a friendly and approachable service here in Mott32.We started off with signature crispy sugar-coated BBQ pork bun made with Spanish Teruel pork HKD60. After the first bite, I was sold. The bun was filled with succulent, tender and delish sweet pork that delights my taste bud. It is so much better ones as compared with Tim Ho Wan.
Siu Mai is no longer the same once you try Kurobuta pork, quail egg and black truffle siu mai HKD60. The tiny quail egg was wrapped inside the siew mai give an excitement after the bite into the mouth. The taste continues to be stronger with the combination of black truffles on top of the siu mai.Perfect combination and gave me an impression memory.
Barbeque prime Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey HKD295. I was told that there are limited serving daily. Since we are the first few customers who arrived earlier, we managed to order. Amazingly soft and tender pork texture with sweet honey coated all over it was awesome. Although, the price is at the high side, it is definitely worth to order at least once when you have the chance to dine in. It is remarkable pleasure char siew taste you will remember.Soup Dumpling, Conpoy and Diced Seafood HKD95. It was served as a big dumpling with broth contained in it. We were advised by the staff to consume immediately so this is the best shot that I can get. The dumpling was transferred to a bowl and when it breaks open, the goodness of the ingredients are in it. Fresh lobster and diced seafood with thick broth was delicious. If you paired it with a bit of vinegar, it gives another type of refreshing after taste.Prawn Cheong Fun with Crispy Rice Paper HKD80. It was an interesting way to enjoy this dish as the prawns are wrapped with crispy rice paper and tasted crispy and fresh. You can hear the cracking sound when you bite into it.
We ended with the recommendation dessert, Cripsy Egg Flour HKD55 made with yuzu-infused honey. Look at the drips at the edge of the crispy egg flour! It was not overwhelming with sweetness and we glad we made the right choice.
Definitely an enjoyable meal here with good service from the staff. I would like to highlight that the staffs here are well-trained with equip knowledge about the menu. This is very important to enhance the customers’ dining experience with the restaurant. Mott32 was a great lunch and glad we made our way here to taste the elegant and delicate Cantonese foods in a whole new perspective. However, the price doesn’t come cheap here. Thus, prepare to pay around from HKD400 onwards per pax if you are planning to dine here.

Oh and before I end my post, do check out their communal restroom. It was pretty awesome for photography. The toilets were complete with a water closet and lavatory. It looks like a safety deposit box. I didn’t managed to get the photos though.

Mott32 (中環-卅二公館)
Basement Standard Chartered Bank Building
4-4A Des Voeux Road Central, Central
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2885 8688
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday | 12:00PM-15:00PM , 18:00PM-00:00AM
Website: http://www.mott32.com
Direction: Central MTR Exit K and cross over the traffic light, you will see Standard Chartered Building within 2 minutes walk.

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