[SG BEAUTY] Feminine Hygiene Care With V-Mina

I was introduced to this brand ,V-Mina recently. V-Mina is a brand of feminie hygiene products that are suitable for women in all stages. Regardless girls, ladies or women, we need to stay clean and healthy by caring for our body which includes a proper feminine hygiene. Do you even think about the hygiene steps to help you stay clean and healthy?V-Mina 2

As I was doing research on this blog post, I read about vagina is a self-cleaning ‘machine’. This means that vagina actually clean itself. However, we still need to do the cleaning by using water and gently remove the dirt and debris. We are not supposed to use products with perfumes as it may irritate the area. Thus, using hypoallergenic and pH-balanced gentle cleansers would be ideal. V-Mina

V-Mina is clinically proven in:-

  1. Non-Irritancy, safe for daily use
  2. Improving Beneficial Micro-Flora Balance
  3. Improving V-Area to the healthy and ideal pH range 3.8-4.2

Here are the products that are offered by V-Mina to consumers.V-Mina 3V-Mina 1

Cleansing Mousse S$23.50 comes with Tea Tree Extract for natural disinfectant benefit. It has Aloe Vera that helps to soften and hydrate the V-Area. This can prevent genital irritations as well. However, dampness in the region will cause genital irritations. Thus, ensure to avoid anything dampness and change your underwear promptly after a whole day and exercise.V-Mina 3

Lightening Intimate Gel S$15.00 that serves to improve the V area to a shade lighter. If you observe, our intimate areas are darker due to pigmentation. This product has the natural extracts of mulberry root, saxifrage,grape and scutellaria root for the fairer tone. It’s like applying a whitening toner for the area.

Deodorant Intimate Mist S$13.50. This serves to keep the odor at bay and preventing growth of bad micro-organisms and keeping the pH in the ideal range.V-Mina 2

Cleansing Wipes S$10.00 which is suitable to carry in the bag all times. The packaging provides alternative for ladies to use it when they are outside. And also always wipe from the front to back as this will reduce the chances of bacteria from your butt region moving to your vaginal region. Doing it the opposite way will cause urinary tract infection. Thus, bear it in mind.V-Mina

All the products are packed in small to medium size which is easier to carry for travelling as well.I find it convenient to pack them in my travel bag and I can use it on the go. V-Mina products are available through online website.

For more information, check out V-Mina official website here.

Another note: Gems and bacteria are mostly generated when we are exposed to outside. When we are outside, I would advise to wash the hands before and after the toilet. Why?This is because our hands have been touching everywhere and thus, it prompts to expose to bacteria.

This tip sharing is generally to improve our hygiene steps creating a happier note for ourselves. Stay clean and glow your beauty from inner to create a better U!

Website: http://vmina.sg/

To purchase, click to this website: http://galenium.sg/

[This is a sponsored product review.No monetary transaction is involved.]

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