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2 weeks ago, I was invited by The Comb Singapore for a hair services. It was just in time as I am thinking to get my frizzy hair fix. The Comb Singapore is a Korean concept hair salon that located within a walking distance from Telok Ayer MRT station.The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 5 The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer Once I stepped into the hair salon, I was greeted by a Korean lady who is the receptionist. The salon has the clean and wooden feel interior that gives the overall salon a brighter look. Once I was seated, I was given a menu to choose the choice of drinks. I requested for tea and TWG tea was served on the table.The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 4

Bella was my hair stylist of the day. She was a Korean lady who has been working in Singapore for 3 years plus. Thus, she can interact with customers. She analyzed my hair condition and advise me to perm my hair as my hair shape is flat and I have a long face. If the hair is too flat and long, the overall look is not appealing. Thus, perm hair is recommended to give volume to my hair. However, my hair was frizzy and dry so she started with hair treatment before starting to perm.The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 7 The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 3

So, I started off washing my hair by the shampoo boy. Once it is done, Bella started to trim my hair first. Once the hair length and shape has been done, perming process started. It took approximately an hour plus for the whole process.The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 9

She also cut my front hair to fringe as she advise me that this will make my face shape looks smaller. I was not used to my fringe look and slide it to the side now. Thus, Belle did some adjustment shape of the fringe so that when I slide the hair to the side, it will flow naturally with the rest of my hair.The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 6

My perming is in ‘S’ curl suggested by Belle for easy maintenance. However, if I want to blow to ‘C’ curve like those Korean K-Pop stars, it can be shape beautifully with the hair dryer and the hand skill of shaping it. Otherwise, during my normal days where I am always in rush, ‘S’ curl would work better on me for my current length.

Advise from Belle after the perm:-

  1. Do not wash hair at least 48 hours so that the chemical can work better results to shape the hair style
  2. No tie or bun the hair immediately after perming
  3. Apply moisturizer on to the hair from the middle part to the end of the hair so that the hair will not loose and out of shapeThe Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 10 The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 11

My experience verdict: Pleasant experience with them as they are approachable and interactive with customers. I personally feel hairstylist should build a relationship with the customers by interacting with them during the process of services so that customers can feel the close gap and comfortable with you. I think Belle was friendly to try to interact with me in simple English and it definitely added value throughout the process.

However, if there is a massage added in while washing the hair would be a plus point. This will enhance the comfortable and coziness of the customers while enjoying the service.

Taken at Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay
Taken at Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay

Ended the post with my recent photo after a week plus. I like my current hairstyle with the volume at the end of the hair. So, my hair is no longer flat looking and I felt more energetic with my new hair look compared to previous. Thanks Bella for the makeover!The Comb Hair Salon Telok Ayer 1The Comb Hair Salon

12 Gemmil Lane
Tel: +65 6438 3138
Instagram @thecombsg
[This post was written in collaboration with The Comb Hair Studio]

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