[HK EATS] VIA TOKYO-Japanese Desserts| HONG KONG

[HK EATS] VIA TOKYO-Japanese Desserts| HONG KONG

Matcha trends continue in Hong Kong and since we are in Hong Kong over the weekend trip, we continue to see the next instagram worthy and hipster café named Via Tokyo. The first matcha/ green tea café we went was SinMei Tea and it was good. This time round, we are having matcha softserve.Via Tokyo which opened for more than 2 years offers Japanese desserts, pastries and soft serves made with Kyoto matcha powder and Hokkaido milk. It is recently hot in demand for dessert place in Hong Kong.

View from the entrance of the shop while waiting in the queue line

We arrived around 9.30pm and there is still queue for it. The closing time was 10.30pm and there are still people coming for the desserts. As the seating place is limited and needed to wait in line, some of the customers will just walk-in to order take-away instead. Since we are here, we decided to queue in line to try their cakes as well.For every Wednesday, Via Tokyo only serves Houjicha flavours. Thus, do take note to avoid any disappointment.

Finally we managed to secure a seat. Orders and payments are made at the cashier counter before the staff serves us the order. Warabi Mochi Matcha Soft Cream HKD48 highly recommended. The matcha soft serve which is the thickest texture that I ever tasted. I love the sweet smash of red beans with the soft Q warabi mochi as the sides.Matcha Affogato HKD45. Warm matcha sauce is served at the side for pouring purpose. As we pours the sauce to the soft serve, the soft serve does not melt as fast as I expected. It is still as thick as it is. There is no much difference on the taste wise compared to the signature matcha soft serve. The sauce does not enhance the flavours though.Houjicha Cheesecake HKD40. I am attracted with its appearance and decided to give a try. Aromatic roasted tea mousse with rich cheesecake texture was sinful. With the shredded citrus peels and osmanthus on top of the first layer of the cake give a refreshing touch. It would be best for sharing as the flavours are rich and strong.

If I am back to Hong Kong again, I will make my way to Via Tokyo for the matcha soft serve. It is the closest I can taste the goodness of matcha flavour.

Via Tokyo
1A-1B, G/F
Leishun Court
106-126 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 28951116
Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 9:30AM – 10:30PM | Friday – Saturday 9:30AM -11:00PM
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/viatokyocafe
Direction: Exit F1 from Causeway Bay MTR and walk towards Jardine’s Bazaar towards Pennington St and followed by Leighton Road. The shop is at the corner of the shophouses.

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