If you been to Seah Street before, you know that you are spoilt with choices. There are attractive modern restaurants that you can choose from. Bridge Restaurant is one of them among the restaurants at the street just opposite Raffles Hotel. So in Bridge Restaurant & Bar, you can offers brunch and dinner menu caters to diners.
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I was here last Sunday for a invited tasting with other Burpple Tastemakers to try out their recent revamp brunch dishes.

Pumpkinoa (V) S$16.00
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We are encouraged to lead a healthy life and the food intake plays an important role. In Bridge, they serve organic quinoa with carrot vinaigrette, roasted rosemary pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and feta cheese. Although there are ingredients added into the quinoa, the taste wise is still bland for my preference. And it would be best if the pumpkin texture would be even softer to blend in with the quinoa.

A-S-S S$20.00
Bridge Seah Street

Bridge Seah Street- 1
Rather than having egg Benedict as usual, Bridge has come up with avocado scramble spread on top of smoked salmon and serve with sourdough ,tomato, corn salsa, mozzarella and tobiko cream. I love avocado and wouldn’t mind having this all by myself. It would be best to enhance the flavour of this dish as the avocado scramble taste overpowered the overall dish.

62’C Egg S$19.00
Bridge Seah Street- 13
This is my favourite dish here. Sous vide egg in the middle with truffle mash potato, sautéed wild mushrooms, chicken jus, prosciutto di parma, sourdough and seasonal truffles. Once you poke the egg, mixed them well before consuming. The egg yolk scattered and ingredients are coated with it. Although it doesn’t look appealing after the mix, it turned out to be flavourful and addictive for me.

Marine Fregola S$22.00
Bridge Seah Street- 7
Nicely pan seared teriyaki salmon served with organic fregola salad, citrus and ponzu dressing. I enjoyed the crispiness of the salmon skin and soft inner part of the fish along with sides. The citrus taste was overwhelming that I can’t really taste the ponzu dressing in it.

The Lobster S$36.00
Bridge Seah Street-5

Bridge Seah Street- 4
This is one of the signature dish here. Lobster roll with scrambled eggs, baby spinach, bacon, mesclun with truffle honey vinaigrette all stuffed in croissant. I felt that too many ingredients are stuffed together at the same time and the lobster meats are not that outstanding after all. Nevertheless, it’s rich and flavourful!

Red Sea S$20.00
Bridge Seah Street 8
Spicy tomato based capellini, crispy baby squids with pan seared sea bass on top. There is tomato sweetness in it and I can’t really taste the spiciness in it. I personally enjoyed it and the capellini or we called it angel hair pasta evenly coated with the gravy.

Truffle Honey Toast S$18.00
Bridge Seah Street- 6
This truffle honey toast is made of berries, vanilla sour cream, cinnamon sugar, truffle honey and ice-cream. Crispy and fluffy toast and goes pretty well with the imported ice-cream.

Bridge revamps the menu almost every quarterly and customers can expect little surprises whenever they patron the café/ restaurant for the next round. The owner, Lawrence shared that some of the well-received dish are remain in the menu while they brainstorming with new dishes from time to time. All foods are subject to 10% service charge. As a whole, the dishes are priced in wallet-friendly for brunch session except for the lobster though.

Weekend Brunch available on the following timings:
Available on Saturdays 11:00AM – 3:00PM & Sundays 11:00AM – 4:00PM

[Thanks Eleanor and Lawrence for the invite.]

Bridge Restaurant and Bar
Address: 31 Seah Street, Singapore 188387
Tel: +65 6333 4453
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Thursday 11:30 AM – 10PM | Friday 11:30 AM – 11:00PM | Saturday 11:00AM – 11:00PM | Sunday 11:00AM – 5:00PM.( Closed on Mondays).
Website: http://www.dineatbridge.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bridgesingapore
Instagram @bridge.sg

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