It has been a while since I had my Thai foods and here I am at Cha Thai Restaurant located within a walking distance from Telok Ayer MRT station. The location is strategically located at CBD area and the restaurant can expect some working crowds for lunch and dinner. Derrick was kind enough to extend the invitation to me and E for a tasting session last Friday. I did an online google about the restaurant and it is well-known with its Baked Tiger Prawns Glass Noodle Claypot. Other than that, we are treated with other Thai delicacies as well. So, I shall start the foods that I had the other night:

Baked Tiger Prawns Glass Noodle Claypot S$159.00
I started off with their signature dish. As the photo in the menu doesn’t really justify how huge the prawns are, diners will tend to have a misconception on the price stated versus the actual size of the prawn. Thus, the lady boss is in the midst of revamping her menu and soon diners will have a better understanding on it. The prawns are freshly supplied by kelong and it is limited in stock most of the time. They also offer crab vermicelli here but I would suggest you to give this a try. The meats are fresh and juicy and you literally like eating lobster size seafood with fragrance spices from underneath of the vermicelli. Also, with S$159.00, this claypot goodness comes with 3 prawns only. Ours were 4 because there were 4 of us for tasting session.

Nam Prik Khai Pu S$12.90
This serves as an appetizer in Thai cuisine. The vegetables are served raw and the highlight was the dipping sauce. The sauce completes the meal as they added the crab roe as one of the ingredients in it. The taste of the sauce was flavourful that compliments well with the vegetables. I was not expecting much on this appetizer as I find it bland but with the sauce, it changed my perspective over this dish.

Crispy Prawn Cake S$15.00

Close up after a bite

Appetiser choice which is common in most Thai restaurant but in Cha Thai, it comes in a bigger size patty. The crispy prawn cake was crunchy in the outer and filled with fresh prawn meats in it. It tasted especially good when it is served hot and dip it with the sweet plum sauce.

Saute Pork with Basil Leaf S$18.00
Although the presentation does not look attractive on the plate but trust me, the grilled pork was flavourful and tender. Chai Thai uses pork cheeks to serve for this dish thus this explains the softness in it.

Signature Tiger Prawn Panang Curry S$28.00
This is also one of the highlight here. The curry gravy was thick and creamy with the coconut cream added in unlike the ones you usually had. The Thai saffron curry has the mild taste of spiciness that me as a non-spicy lovers can handle it. This is because the chef added in the sweet lychees in it to balance off the spiciness and giving a touch of sweetness for the dish. And of course the tiger prawns are fresh and big too.

Chicken Green Curry S$18.00
Traditional green curry sauce cooked with chicken thigh and carrots. The gravy is also as thick and creamy as the panang curry.

Saute Kai Lan with Roasted Pork S$18.00
This dish has a touch of Chinese flavour in it as it served with the crispy roasted pork in it. I enjoyed the stir fry kalian with the oyster sauce. It is best to go with a bowl of rice.

Baked Pineapple Rice S$18.00
Curry spiced baked rice with chicken, pineapples, cashew nuts, sweet pepper bells and raisins served with pineapple shell to make the presentation looks appealing. I would say it as comfort foods for Thai cuisine.

Thai Train Fried Rice S$18.00
This dish has its own story where the lady boss shared that it is the meal that Thais usually have it on their train journeys to other regions of Thailand. Simple and yet filling dish with crispy roasted pork,egg, tomato and kai lan for a filling stomach.

Tom Yum Soup S$28.00
Clear tom yum soup is for spicy lovers. Although the soup is clear but don’t judge it. It can be way too spicy that you might not handle. Nevertheless, the spiciness level can be adjusted depending on customers’ request. Alternatively, you can request for bird eye’s chilis to be served separately.

Cha Thai Toast S$8.00
Our dessert was the golden toasted bread served with thai tea sauce. The golden toasted bread was served in big cubes were coated with butter before toasting it. The outer layer was crispy and yet the inner was fluffy, soft and addictive for me. I enjoyed it with the thai tea sauce which was thick and creamy. We were told that the breads and sauce was made-in house. Also, you can opt for pandan flavour sauce for the dipping.

It was a lovely hosted meal getting to know more about Thai foods and cultures with the company of the lady boss, Leah. Cha Thai here served mostly Thai cuisine from central region of Thailand. The staffs here are almost all Thais and they do speak simple English to communicate with the diners. I would recommend to give a try here with its’ quality of the foods. Although the price is at a slightly higher side, it is still affordable though. Please note that all prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Cha Thai
Address: 80 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 048466
(Far East Square)
Tel: +65 6636 3696
Operating Hours:
11:00AM – 10:00PM Daily (Last Order : 9:30PM)
Express Takeaway Lane : 8:00AM – 6:00PM
Website: http://www.chathaisg.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chathaisg/
Instagram @chathaisg

[Thanks Derrick & Leah for the invitation.]
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