Café hopping JB over the weekend and this time I visited Carborn Café located at the new area called Pusat Pendangan Danga Utama. It is actually located at the left side on the new shop houses once you turned in seeing Taman Sutera Signage along the highway. Carborn Café has recently caught my attention in Facebook because of its eye-catching cotton candy instagram-worthy dessert.
Carborn Cafe Pendangan Danga Utama-2

Carborn Cafe Pendangan Danga Utama

Carborn Cafe Pendangan Danga Utama-1

The café has two levels and their 2nd levels allow customers to play darts and drink for happy hours. The interior design of Carborn is inspired with mechanical related stuffs and cars are used as part of the decorations.

Carborn menu has a whole page of interesting desserts creations to explore but due to limited stomach space, I ordered 3 items from the cafes and shared the sweetness with a friend.

Rainbow In the Cloud RM28.00 (S$9.33)
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Carborn Cafe Pendangan Danga Utama-5

Carborn Cafe Pendangan Danga Utama-6
As stated in the menu, this dessert is served with homemade cheesecake, chocolate truffle, ice-cream and rainbow cotton candy. It comes with the liquid nitrogen to make the whole dessert looks appealing and colourful. I went gaga over it when it was presented and keep snapping. I no longer need to go Bangkok for this rainbow cotton candy.
I would advise to share with friends and the cheesecake and ingredients underneath the cotton candy wasn’t too impressive.

Fire Ball RM19.90 (S$6.63)
Carborn Cafe Pendangan Danga Utama-8
The uniqueness of this dessert is the ‘fire’ effect. It was served with a chocolate ball and the staff will light up the alchohol and pour over it to create the effect. Once the chocolate ball melted under the heat, you will see the vanilla ice-cream, nuts, fruits and homemade caramel sauce. You can surely taste the alcohol taste in the chocolate and it would be better if the homemade caramel sauce to be stronger. I wouldn’t recommend this dessert except to catch the glimpse of instagram worthy photo. It’s all up to your call. However, with the price offer, it is still considerable.

3D Latte Art RM16.90 (5.63)Carborn Cafe Pendangan Danga Utama-3
The specialty 3D latte comes in the choice of hot and cold. Both allow having 3D latte art on top of the drinks (mocha, latte or chocolate). We had hot mocha with totoro as our 3D latte.
Carborn Cafe Pendangan Danga Utama-7
I didn’t try their savory dishes this time and couldn’t comment further. Nevertheless, the café owner does put in effort in creating attractive desserts to give surprises to clients. Kudos to the efforts put in.

No 78, Jalan Pertama 1,
Pusat Pendangan Danga Utama,
81200 Johor Bahru
Opening Hours: 12:00PM – 2:00AM
Tel: +6 01116186590
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Car-Born-Cafe-1489447711329091/

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