Do you know there was once ‘Lemon Tree’ song was famous? I still remember my singing choir during good old school days choose this song to compete and we won 1st prize.
The name of the restaurant comes after the hype of the song and the owner, Jeffrey decided to use it as the name of the restaurant. Lemon Tree is located along shophouses facing residential place called Taman Melodies. The restaurant is actually 7 minutes away from KSL City Mall. The location is not easily identified if you are not a local here but GPS and Google Maps are useful for those who are driving. Alternatively, you can always take a cab here from KSL which cost approximately RM6.00- RM10.00.
Lemon Tree Taman Melodies
Lemon Tree has been in the business for almost 12 years by now. Most of the diners are regular customers who have been very supportive. Jeffrey who is the chef owner started work at Hyatt Hotel in Johor Bahru ( Thistle Hotel now) and followed with working experience at Pete’s Place, Grand Hyatt Singapore. Following that, he came back to JB to work on the launch of Vivo Pizza before he started off his own restaurant. He has recently opened another branch at Kulai.

Here are the foods that I tried over the weekend with Lemon Tree.
Home Made Cream of Mushroom RM5.50
Lemon Tree-Mushroom Soup
Lemon Tree-Mushroom Soup 1
Jeffrey shared with us that the mushroom soups are made from scratch in-house. The taste of the mushroom soup here has stronger mushroom taste as they uses 5 different mushrooms in it. It is best to enjoy with crispy garlic bread RM4.80 (comes with 5pcs).

Cheezy Potato Wadge RM8.80
Lemon Tree-Potato Wedges
Ala-carte choice that one of the blogger recommended and the potato wedges are quite addictive especially with the cheesy sauce on top of it.

Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti RM13.80
Lemon Tree- Aglio Olio Spaghetti
One of their signature spaghetti with generous portion serving and value added. The seafoods ingredients include fresh prawns, squid rings, mussels and more. The texture of the spaghetti was just nice neither too hard nor too smooth and evenly coated with olive oil.

Island Seafood Pizza RM19.80
Lemon Tree-Pizza
Lemon Tree-Pizza 1
There quite a range of pizza flavours here and one of the blogger recommended Island Seafood flavour. There are prawns, squid and tuna with thousand island sauce, slice onion and mozzarella cheese in it. You can taste the slight sweetness of the sauce when all ingredients are together.

Braised Lamb Shank RM38.80
Lemon Tree-lamb shank
The lamb shank was braised for 6 hours to ensure that the meat is tender and absorb the gravy. True enough the meat was tender and soft to enjoy. Dip it with the gravy served was fragrance and flavourful.

Ham & Cheese Chicken Chop RM12.80
Lemon Tree -Chicken Chop-1
Lemon Tree -Chicken Chop
This is also their signature and recommended dish. The grilled chicken chop was flattened and top with a slice of chicken ham and a melted Kraft cheese slice. This is not the usual chicken chop but with the additional toppings, the overall dish was savoury and yet a bit touch of cheesiness in it.

Grilled NZ Air flown Ribeye Steak RM49.00
Lemon Tree Ribeye Steak
Lemon Tree -Ribeye Steak
The ribeye steak served with salad and gravy at the side. The meat was slightly hard and I prefer it to be medium well done. Nevertheless, the meat goes well with the black pepper sauce.

Mee Mamak RM6.80
Lemon Tree mee mamak
Lemon Tree also provide asian flavours in their menu. Mee Mamak is an Indian-Muslim fried yellow noodle cooked with bits of spicy in it. The dish comes with 2 limes and best to squeeze them before enjoying it.

Desserts served here are by Sweet Moment Cake & Dessert.
Matcha Tiramisu RM13.90
Lemon Tree-Matcha Tiramisu -1
Lemon Tree-Matcha Tiramisu
Other than the standard tiramsu, Lemon Tree also serves matcha tiramisu. The top layer was covered with matcha powder and the sponge cake within the layers were moist and sweetness in it.

Crème Catalana RM11.90
Lemon Tree-Creme Brulee
Crème Brulee was nicely torched on the sugar crust and the custard cream was smooth and creamy.

Lemon Cheese RM11.90
Lemon Tree-Lemon Cheese Cake
The taste of the cake was well-balance with lemon and cheese in it. It is best to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea.

Volcano 75 RM15.90
Lemon Tree-Chocolate Lava Cake-1

Lemon Tree-Chocolate Lava Cake
It is my favourite dessert for the evening. The chocolate lava cake was made from 75% of dark cocoa and this explains the richness and thickness in the lava cake.

Jeffrey shared with us that reservations are encouraged during weekend. As I observed over the tasting session, most of the diners are family oriented. With the prices offer and the portion serve, the restaurant is surely wallet-friendly for family and friends dining in western cuisine. If you are heading to KSL for a shopping spree, why not drop by here to give it a try?

Lemon Tree Restaurant
18, Jalan Bedara
Taman Melodies
Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 – 335 5688
Operating Hours: Daily 12:00PM – 10:30PM
Website: http://lemontree2u.wix.com/lemon-tree
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Restaurant-Lemon-Tree-157181411041060
Instagram @lemontree2u

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