Finally I got my hands on Oddies Foodies during my Hong Kong trip on December 2015. Oddies has opened a new branch on Gough Street, Sheung Wan recently and of course I headed to that direction. This new outlet has spacious seating area as compared to their first outlet at Wan Chai. I was there around 12 noon with my cousins and aunt. Surprisingly, there was no customer in the shop. We happily choose our seats and look through the menu to place our order.

Oddies Foodies Shop Front
Oddies Foodies Shop Front

Seating area of the ice-cream shop
Seating area of the ice-cream shop

Oddies Foodies Gough Street HK-2

Oddies Foodies Gough Street HK-1

Oddies Foodies Gough Street HK-3
Oddies here not only serve their signature soft serve with eggettes (鷄蛋仔), but also gelato, cookies, ice-cream cakes, jar-leto and flavoured meringues. Orders and payment are made on the spot at the counter. The staff will then process the order and notify us once the desserts are ready to serve.

Famous Night Wolf HKD60 ~ [S$12.00]
Oddies Foodies Gough Street HK-6
Oddies signature soft serve Italian gelato with 66% chocolate swirl, banana ice-cream, passionfruit panna cotta, brownie, crunchy cereals and chocolate chip egg waffles. The combination was sweet and I would suggest sharing it. The flavours were subtle and I am in love with their chocolate swirl. It would be best if the cup is wider so that I can scoop further deep into it for the rest of the ingredients. I will need to clear off part of the egg waffles followed by the soft serve before I can move on further. Nevertheless, it is still a ‘hit’ in social media for its instagram-worthy look.

Dan Dan Noodle Eggette HKD30 ~ [S$6.00]
Oddies Foodies Gough Street Sheung Wan Hong kong
My cousin was addicted to the egg waffles and decided to have it in separate serving. We ordered Dan Dan Noodle flavour to try. I would think twice for next purchase as it is quite pricey considering that I can get the flavoured eggettes in Singapore for S$3.50. Dan Dan noodles are originated from Sichuan. Thus, this explains that there is a taste of spiciness in it.

Frozen Jar-leto HKD58 ~ [S$11.60]
Oddies Foodies Gough Street HK-4
This is the latest addition in Oddies menu and we decided to try one of their frozen jar-leto. Walnut Banoffee jar that comes with banana gelato, chocolate crumble, sticky toffee, walnuts and vanilla sable. We were told to leave the frozen jar to chill for 5 minutes before consuming. The banana taste was strong and goes well with the chocolate. I personally find it sweet especially when I had it together with the sticky toffee.

I wouldn’t mind visiting Oddies again if I ever back to Hong Kong with friends. The flavours and creations by Oddies do keep up the hipster trend especially in social media. Nice to shot and nice to enjoy too! I wouldn’t advise you to shot long as the soft serve melts quite fast.

Oddies Foodies
G/F, 45 Gough Street, Central
Directions: 6-min walk from Exit A2, Sheung Wan MTR Station

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