When comes to Valentine celebration, most couples will prefer to have Western cuisine as their choice of dinner date. How about trying something different this year? For Valentine this year, Chef Mural from Song of India has launched 1 day Valentine dinner on the date itself, 14 February 2016. And in case you are not aware, The Song of India is one of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant is a walking distance away from Newton MRT station and short distance away from orchard road.
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The colonial black and white heritage bungalows are easily recognized along the roads towards Orchard. The greenery surroundings and there are options to dine indoor or outdoor settings. There are 2 private rooms for big group of gatherings as well. However, reservation is required to book the private rooms.
For Valentine’s Day, Chef Mural is introducing 5-course menu to celebrate this romantic occasion.

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The drinks are specially concocted for this special Valentine. From left, it’s the vodka based cocktail with kiwi fruit and on the right is the mocktail with grenadine and watermelon juice. Other than cocktail and mocktail drinks, Song of India also have a range of wines selections to choose from.

Spiced Potato Relish

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This is a mini version of vada pav. Vada Pav is a vegetarian fast food dish that is well-known as street food in Mumbai. It is a deep fried potato patty with coriander and spices and Chef Mural has improvised it and added in with pesto mint sauce.

Lotus Root Butter Bean Shorba

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The creamy soup serves with a filo pastry with sesame chilli and cheese. I enjoyed the flavourful and strong taste of the soup and there is after taste of the spices that lingers in the mouth.

Lamb Chop Wazvan

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The lamb chop is being slow cooked in wazvan style for 2 hours and served with cumin mashed potato. The lamb meat was tender and umami with all the spices marinated overnight. Some may find it spicy but for a non-spicy person like me find it just nice.

Fish with Masala Caviar

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Next, we have the grainy mustard marinade fish cooked in tandoor with dual masala caviar. I would say it is an interesting combination to have the western-style elements infused. You can taste the strong masala taste and the fish meat was tender and moist.

Roasted Quail Avocado Chaat
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Roasted quail meat tossed with avocado and nicely plated on the chaat. The chaat is an Indian savory snack that has a similar taste like murukku.

Lime and Kalamansi Sorbet
Song of India Scotts Road-Sorbet
Followed by lime and kalamansi sorbet to cleanse the palate before we start with our mains. The kalamansi sorbet is served with the kalamansi skin and drizzled with turmeric as the topping. It is quite a refreshing taste.

Chicken Deedar

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Slow cooked chicken stuffed with baby spinach and creamy cheese and fresh fennel fenugreek yogurt sauce, brussels sprout and baby potatoes. It was served in two heart-shaped and nicely plated. The chicken meat was tender and flavourful by itself and of course with the sauce, the taste is even stronger.
Next to it is the nutty quinoa pulao with the spices. It was wet and flavourful with the crunchy bites from the nuts. The brussels sprout and baby potatoes are served in skewer style which is not shown in the picture.

Assorted Naan Basket ( Garlic Naan and Truffle Naan)

Song of India Scotts Road-Naan
My first time trying Truffle naan but I cannot taste the truffle taste though. Nevertheless, the naan served here is one of the best I tried before. Thin crusted and it goes well with the fennel fenugreek yoghurt sauce.

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From left, we had the Saffron Chironji Panna cotta and Lychee & Pistachio Kulfi on the right. The desserts are plated on a squarish plate with molecular berry jellies as the decoration at the sides.The panna cotta has a strong saffron taste and the milky game is strong. If you are adventurous and bold to try new and strong flavours, you can experience it here.

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And lastly, Chef Mural offered me a cup of Masala Chai tea to end my session of the night.
Song of India Valentine Day Menu
The 5-course meal (Romance Made in Heaven This Valentine 2016) which is especially handcrafted by Master Chef Mural is available at S$89.00++ per pax. With the modern twists and creativity blending into traditional cuisine, I find that it is a rather interesting concept. For those who does not take spicy foods, they can also expose to this gastronomy dining experience. So, Indian cuisines are not only for spicy lovers now.

[Thanks Master Chef Mural for the invite.]

The Song of India
Address: 33 Scotts Road, Singapore 228226
Contact: +65 68360055
Website: http://www.thesongofindia.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Song-of-India-633042270096583/?ref=un_c
Opening Hours:
Daily 12:00PM-3:00PM | 6:00PM-10:30PM

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