Located at Level 4 of Orchard Gateway @Emerald is the latest F&B restaurants that is wallet-friendly for you. Goro Goro restaurant offers steamboat and Korean buffet at an affordable pricing. If you wonder how does Goro Goro comes in the picture, it is the sound effect of an empty tummy. That’s the inspiration for the name of the restaurant.

In Goro Goro, a certain percentage of the staffs are physically challenged group.So, if you are in Goro Goro, please be patient with the staffs as there might not hear you when they walk pass you. Some of them have disability of hearing. Nevertheless, the staffs are polite and approachable whenever you call for assistance.
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The restaurant has a spacious interior and caters for big groups of diners. The foods and ingredients displayed at the centre of the restaurants. Customers can select and pick from the available counters to start the feast.

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Goro Goro caters 6 choices of broth to select from- Ginseng Chicken, Beauty Collagen, Mala, Tomyum, Tomato and Vegetarian. Thankfully for the tasting, I get to try all 6 of them and my personal favourite is Vegetarian broth. I like the sweetness taste in it and a touch of homely soup. The broths are boiled for at least 12 hours to extract the flavours and taste from the stock. It would be great if the broth is thicker in flavour.
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Each table will get to select two soup base and additional S$5.00++ for the third soup base.

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As mentioned that there are counters display at the middle of the restaurants with classified categories. Condiments and sauces are available at one of the counter. Diners can DIY their own sauces to dip with the steamboats. There are cooked foods to choose from and also steamboat ingredients to select. One of my favourite cooked dish is their signature Korean-Style Chicken Wings. It was crispy in the outer layer and soft in the inner. I ended up 4 pieces at one go.
Selections include meats, vegetables and Tofu are available. There are sausages, luncheon meat and different types of frozen seafoods as well.
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Also, there are 4 types of noodles available :- Maggie Noodles, Ee Mee, Mee Sua and Tang Hoon. Steamed rice and chicken rice are available as well. It was my first time seeing steamboat offers rice.
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Other than the standard drinks selection at the counter, there are ala-carte drinks such as soju, beer or Makkoli. You can opt for your own liquour with a corkage charge of S$10.00 per bottle of wine and S$15.00 per bottle of liquor.
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Desserts counter is available to end your filling tummy. Fruits in slices are available in the counter and if you prefer ice-cream, additional S$2.00 – S$3.00 is available as well. There are 3 flavours which includes Melon, Soda and Chocolate.

The staff will go around with the broths on the trolley to top up the soup base for customers

The staff will go around with the broths on the trolley to top up the soup base for customers

Do take note on the penalty

Do take note on the penalty

We ended filling so full after all the foods. It was a pleasure session meeting the rest of the foodies that night.

Goro Goro Restaurant, Steamboat and Korean Buffet Pricing:
Buffet Lunch
Monday – Friday
S$14.90++ Adult | S$9.90++ Child
Saturday – Sunday
S$24.90++ Adult | S$16.90++ Child

Buffet Dinner
Monday – Thursday
S$24.90++ Adult | S$16.90++ Child
Friday – Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday
S$26.90++ Adult | S$16.90++ Child

For Vegetarians:
Weekdays S$9.90++
Dinner & Weekend

[Thanks IGHUT.com and Goro Goro for the invite.]

Goro Goro Restaurant
218 Orchard Road
Orchard Gateway @Emerald
Singapore 238851
Tel: +65 6385 7854
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 11:30AM – 2:30PM | 5:00PM – 10:30PM
Saturday – Sunday 11:30AM – 3:30PM | 5:00PM – 10:30PM
Website: http://www.gorogoro.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoroGoro.Asia/?fref=ts
Direction: Take the lift inside Crate & Barrel

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