GPSmyCity Application-Mobile App
GPSmyCity Application
I was introduced to City Maps and Walks app by GPSmyCity.com recently. And I get to test and review this travel app thanks to GPSmyCity.com. Travelling has been a hobby of mine all time and I wish I could have extra money to travel more new places. Travelling requires money and planning too. Most of the time I will go FREE & EASY to explore new places rather than engage a travel agent or tour guide to do it for me. I believe everyone has their own travel style when you travel. But trust me, exploring new places without a tour guide and travel agent can be fun and challenging too.Also, you can save the money for other areas!

The mission of GPSmyCity.com is “to give everyone on the planet the choice of being their own tour guide on their next trip. Armed with the self-guided tours from GPSmyCity.com, you can enjoy, explore and venture off the beaten path; while always having the confidence of knowing where you are, where to go and how to get there.”
With City Walks app, you can travel and plan your journey without spending much. This app is for self-guided tours for users. This app allows me to discover the cities and places throughout the world without fearing of getting lost.

Here are some screenshots taken from the app as an example for a clearer picture. You can choose the place you want and download the guide. Each guide comes with a list of the exploring places within the area for your recommendation.




If you are interested to browse the app, there is a lite version where you can download for FREE to try on. However, it does not have higher resolution city map that shows more street names and interesting places to discover and tour route map.

But you can upgrade it with minimal charges to the full version to enjoy more.

Once you download the app, there are options for different categories and you can create your own walking tour too. The app can work offline and you do not require 3G connection, data plan or any roaming charges. This definitely eases your mind if you are not planning to purchase data plan when you are travelling.

In collaboration with GPSmyCity.com, I will be giving 20 promo codes to download your favourite app for FREE (worth $4.99). Here is the list of the destinations for the giveaway.
Here are the steps to win the giveaway:-
1. Follow & Like this post in HazelDiary Facebook
2. Leave a comment which city you want to explore and why with valide email address.

The winner will receive the promo code for the city you have chosen. The closing date will be 8 April 2016 23:59 HOURS (Singapore Local Time).

Terms & Conditions of GPSMyCity Giveaway
1. This giveaway is applicable for everyone around the world with an Apple device. The promo codes can be used on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) ONLY.
2. Please note that each promo code is tied to a city. Once a promo code is issued, it will expire in 28 days if it is not used by then.
NOTE: City Walks app once downloaded do not expire, so your trip does not have to be within 28 days.

Good Luck!

[This is a collaboration post with CPSmyCity.com.]


    Perth! Will be heading there in a month time & it’ll be my first roadtrip so this will definitely come in handy! (noelletoh.7@gmail.com)

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