I finally visited the highly recommended matcha swiss roll by online reviewers last Sunday. Eric ordered a roll of Matcha Swissroll so we decided to have our lunch at Dulcet & Studio. The café is located at Liang Court which is a walking distance from Clark Quay MRT station. Dulcet & Studio is a Japanese-Western style dining café operating under the same company of Tampopo Deli. The café offers pretty and delectable pastries shown at their display counter that attracts the attention of the shoppers.  We were there on Sunday noon and the café was filled with family-oriented and Japanese customers. Even though the café was filled with people, it was still cosy and quiet which I find it quite a rare sight as most cafes will be very noisy with all the chattering sounds. Customers are welcome in to be seated with menu displayed on the table which serves as an ordering sheet as well. We picked our choice and went to the counter to pay. Thus, there are no service charges applicable. GST charge is applicable though.

Menu & Ordering sheet in One

Thus, customers will need to self-service to take own cutleries from the designated location and there is also self-return tray counter as well. It is all about self-servicing here.

Smoked Salmon Salad S$10.60 (Regular Size)

 There is mini size serving at S$5.30 as well. The poached egg was served on top of the salmon salad made me exciting to burst it with the pork. Once the egg yolk flows out, we mixed them and enjoyed it with the fresh salad. It was a good start of the meal.

Scallop Miso Cream Pasta S$16.50
 The pasta has a distinctive chewy texture which is rather unique from the Italian version. I enjoyed the texture along with the miso cream and scallop.

Dulcet’s Beef Stew Rice S$20.40

The beef stew is the best seller main course in Dulcet & Studio. Thus, we decided to go for it. True enough the beefs were tender and the taste was substantial and savoury. It goes pretty well with the healthy rice.

Matcha Swiss Roll S$4.40

This is the one Eric bought as a whole

The one that we ordered to eat on the spot.

And of course not forgetting the highly raved matcha swiss roll from the cafe. The one we had in the café’s cream was not as thick as the one that Eric bought. You can see from the photo. Nevertheless, the taste was yummy and the texture was light and airy. There is an intense matcha flavour in it.

Lemon Yuzu Éclair S$5.70++
 I was attracted with the éclairs on the display counter and decided to try the yuzu flavour. Surprisingly the lemon yuzu was not overwhelming and I enjoyed the combination taste. Neither too sour nor sweet flavours infused at all. I can easily finish off the whole piece without feeling guilty.

The total bill was S$64.20 inclusive of 2 bottles of mineral waters and GST charge. It was a pleasant Sunday lunch in Dulcet and Studio. I will definitely be back for their Matcha Swiss Roll and I must say the service staffs here are polite and friendly.

Dulcet and Studio
Address: 177 River Valley Road
#01-41/42 Liang Court
Liang Court
Singapore 179030
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM (Daily)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DulcetNStudio

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